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Greenfield Manor Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/18/2002
As a resident of this complex, I know of its recent problems, but I think too many people here have a "the sky is falling" attitude. <br> <br>There was a fire two months ago in the Thornhill block. It was a small trash fire in the 3rd floor hallway. No buildings "burned down" and no one´s life was in really in danger. <br> <br>Crime is also a factor here. I do not feel safe here at night. So as we used to do in Philly, don´t go out at night and you´ll be fine. "The city has come to Newark." Lock your doors and windows securely and you probably won´t be robbed. Get inexpensive renter´s insurance and you are covered for theft or damage caused by others. <br> <br>I have seen no signs of drug use within the complex, but once in a great while, there is an empty beer bottle on the outside steps. Vagrancy seems to be a sometimes issue. <br> <br>Face it. The rent is low and you "get what you pay for," crime and other factors being the drawbacks to low rent. The apartments themselves are well constructed and spacious. You get a lot of room for not much $$$. The water and electric work fine (good water pressure, always hot water when needed, plently of electric outlets). The machines in the laundry rooms always work or are quickly repaired. The kitchens are new and the appliances work fine. The grounds are well kept and actually quite nice to view due to the age of the trees. Garbage is picked up regularly and the dumpster areas are kept clean. <br> <br>The location of this complex is absolutely fantastic, and I cannot understand why the rents aren´t higher. <br> <br>The office staff does the best they can and they have always been polite and professional with me. <br> <br>Problems? Of course. Here´s is list... <br> <br>Ants. Keep your kitchen clean or be invaded. <br> <br>There is some minor vandalism and it is not repaired quickly enough. I am talking about a broken lighting fixture here and there in hallways, as well as handrails. <br> <br>If something goes wrong, you will have to call for maintenance several times and they will ask for it in writing. Except to wait 2 weeks to one month for any kind of service. <br> <br>There are a great many young kids in this complex. So if you don´t like kids, do not move here. Noise has not been a problem after 10pm. But between about 8am and 10pm -- look out!!! Kids, can´t you keep it quiet outside!? <br> <br>Some of the apartments appear to be vacant which makes me worry. <br> <br>There is not enough security. The grounds should be better policed or guarded. Security lighting is good and shrubs are cut low near building entrances. <br> <br>This is a complex that could go either way right now. It could remain nice or it could turn into a slum. What happens is up the owners, but also the tenants in trying to keep their individual apartments looking nice and in being a "good neighbor." Try to make your apartment look good from the street. It doesn´t take much effort or expense. Don´t litter on the grounds (someone has to clean it up). Don´t slam doors or make any other loud noise. <br> <br>I hope is stays a nice complex. None of the new complexes have grounds this nice and the apartments are always smaller. I know because I have "shopped around." <br>
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Greenfield Manor Apartments

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