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Bagman97 • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
I lived there for 2 years (up through May 2005) and all I have to take away is horrible memories toward the end. <br><br>When we first moved in the grounds were well maintained, the staff was more than happy to bend over backwards and all was well with world. <br><br>VBR went through a management change and things went down hill and it has been a spiraling out of control ever since. <br><br>First off, the garbage situation is out of control. The dumpsters get filled so quickly that people put stuff around the dumpsters (it's a wonder rats haven't started to live there).<br><br>In the winter, their idea of removing snow is making one pass with the shovel down the sidewalk... that's it. No ice removal, just one swath of the shovel.<br><br>If you call the staff with a maintenance issue, good luck in getting it resolved. It may take weeks... and if you call back they get really testy.<br><br>Case in point... We had a bat problem. I went outside on the deck one morning and found bat droppings, looked up and sure enough, there was one wedged in the over hang of the deck above me. I called the staff and they said they would do something about... took them forever. They kept giving me the run around. Finally, I had to threaten them with action from the Housing Authority. They didn't want to pay the money to have someone come out and take care of the problem. Never mind that bats and their droppings are a SERIOUS health issue. <br><br>The staff also got EXTREMELY defensive when I challenged them on a late charge they billed me. They accused me of not paying the rent. I paid the rent a week before it was due. They argued and argued with me about it. The next day, the check cleared (they hung on to it for 2 weeks then deposited it but never logged that they received it). I never received an apology for being accused of lying. This happened on 2 occasions in less than a year.<br><br>Now to the neighbor issues... we lived above this family that seemed to love to cook. So much so, we could smell their ethnic cooking every night as it seeped up through the fan in our bathroom... very greasy ethnic cooking. Then, above us we had a family with a young child (maybe 4 or 5 years old) that constantly ran back and forth. It sounded like cattle running back and forth... it was so loud that we could not hear the TV. <br><br>They're are constantly folks moving in and out... moving vans constantly come and go. But there are so many tenants and visitors you can hardly find a place to park at night. <br><br>Moving out was a total nightmare. they give you this HUGE checklist. After you do everything on the list you have to give it back to them (with the keys). They then go to your apartment after you leave and make sure everything is done. It then becomes a he said/she said type of situation. They don't want to pay a cleaning service so they expect you to do it. Totally unfair how they handle this. Oh, wait. Then they say they will cut you a check for your deposit with 2 weeks... try 2 months!<br><br>Another review compared living here to living in the ------... that is a perfect evaluation. VBR started out as a GREAT place to live but turned out to be so bad soon after.
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The Retreat

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