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Arbor Pointe



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elizabth3 • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
Okay- I was curious. We moved out of the lovely Arbor Pointe apartments May of 2006. It s late and curiosity took over me. I googled Arbor Pointe apartments and found that no, my fianc and I are not crazy. We thought that our experience had something to do with our superb luck.<br><br>Here is our story:<br> We had to move ASAP. My fianc worked in West Chester, I worked in DE. We could not find an apartment in between our work for a reasonable price. Now in retrospect, I realize you get what you pay for.<br> So there I am at the apartment complex, this nice man tells me that there are no apartments available for me to view- but wait, he will take me to one that is being painted. Okay I think. I go, it s nice enough. I am happy and get an application. We turn in our applications- I have to call twice in two weeks to get a response. We finally hear from them three weeks later- yes we are approved. This is where it gets fun- but hey we were in a crunch. They give us a move in date. It is sooner then we think. We scramble to get everything in order. We do- and show up. So a lovely man named Andrew tells us that oops he is really sorry but the lease is not ready. We take a deep breath, and leave thinking this is a little strange- but again hey, we were in a crunch. Andrew tells us that our lease will be ready by next Friday. I tell him that only I am available to come next Friday can I sign the lease and get the keys, and then later my fianc will sign? He says sure no problem. So I show up on Friday- sign the lease, he gives me the keys. Then he says wait a second, I will be right back. He comes back in and tells me again oops sorry I was wrong but you need to give me the keys back, I need you AND your fianc to both sign before you get the keys. SO .Andrew arranges to meet my fianc in a parking lot of a restaurant on Rt. 202. Ahhh yes, the side of the highway lease signing.<br>We move in and two months into our stay, I come home and think my fianc has left the faucet on. I walk into the hallway to find a flood coming from the ceiling. Great. I call maintenance. The guy shows up about an hour later puts a fan under our carpet and returns about two days later to remove the fan (I assume for another lucky apartment). We had to wait 30 days to have our ceiling painted and the carpet put back into place. I think my favorite part was when the maintenance guy knocked on my bedroom door while I was sleeping and hollered maintenance that was fun. This occurs again one month later this time in our bedroom as well. Again come the fans and one month later they attempt to fix any problems. The carpet had a huge lump in it where anyone could trip I was told a professional had to come out and fix that .yeah, never saw him. <br>Thank god my fianc ended up being transferred and we were able to get out of our lease which was a whole other fiasco. <br> Of course our stay also included snakes on the patio, spiders the size of small puppies, the apartment above us was broken into, a broken fridge which broke a week before we moved (they showed up to fix it the day we moved how nice), water marks all down our walls, mold, mold, oh and did I mention mold, bathroom fans that sounded like a plane taking off (oh and the vents above the toilets leaked on our heads good times). The best was when they charged us for cleaning when we moved out ..what can you do at this time but take a deep breath and move on. If you plan on moving here please do not!!<br>
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Arbor Pointe

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