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Greenville Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/03/2005
My fiance and I just had to break out lease at Greenville and thankfully we got out of there! <br>We spent our first MONTHS there with major draining problems (when you flushed the toilet it somehow drained into the bathtub! disgusting!) They finally sent someone out to fix it but he had to keep coming back because everytime they thought it was fixed, it would backup again! (and of course it wasn't the apartments fault, it was the cities!)<br>We handed in our papers to terminate our lease, and a few nights later we woke up to rain pouring into our bedroom. After that things just got worse. Our maintance request were not met until the smell of mold permiated the apartment and got into all of our clothes, furniture, etc... they finally sent out someone who sprayed lysol in the basement of the building to "fix" the problem. They didn't even come into our apartment! Obviously, we got out of there ASAP.<br>We were told it'd be easy to get our apartment rented out (because we're responsible for the rent until they found another unsuspecting tenant) but a month later they had no one renting the place and we were sent a bill to be paid in 10 days for the rest of the rent due until May 2006, even though we were told we would be paying month by month until rented. <br>They also charged us for pictures they decided to take of the apartment. <br>We called again at the beginning of last month to find out why it's now been 2 months and still no renters and were told that they actually rented it out the week before but neglected to tell us. I told them they needed to refund our rent check that we gave them the week before because they now have their renter. They said they were going to cash out rent check, take out the $27 for the pictures they took of the apartment and then issue us a check back for the rent -$27. How does that make any sense? Plus who knows when they'd take the time to do that when apparently they didn't have any time to even call us to let us know the place was rented out!<br>When we told them we'd just put a stop payment on that check and reissue them a check for $27 they threatened to take us to court. Because of them I had drive out of my way to the office, demand my rent check back and write them a $27 check right there. <br><br>Oh and later they told us that the "mold" in the apartment was really just sewer gas and non-toxic. So if you enjoy living in a place that smells like sewer gas, toilets backing up into the shower and snotty managers who are willing to break the law by accepting two rent checks for one apartment, greenville is the place for you!<br><br>The only nice thing I can say is that Robin in the office was actually very helpful with everything, it's when the main manager took over that everything went downhill and I began having a really big problem with everything.
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Greenville Place

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