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1436 Kynlyn Drive, Wilmington, DE 19809
1436 Kynlyn Drive, Wilmington, DE 19809

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1436 Kynlyn Drive

Wilmington, DE 19809



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xtingu • Resident 2000 - 2002 Recommended

Reviewed 04/30/2002

I have been living at Village at Fox Point for 2 years now. I live in their "townhouse" type apartment, which is a two-floor apartment with the kitchen/living room downstairs, and the bedroom/bathroom upstairs. It´s not very large, but it feels bigger because of the two floors. <br> <br>I understand that a few years back, this apartment complex was a complete slum, but now it´s clearly the jewel of Governor Printz. The landscaping is gorgeous, sidewalks perfectly edged and lawns manicured. They´re great about snow removal and coming out to fix things. <br> <br>They have a beautiful workout room and pool, which are very well maintained and not very crowded. <br> <br>Each apartment has a door to the outside world, instead of having a front door that opens to a communal hallway. Also, your mailbox is at your front door, so there´s no stopping off at a community mailbox. <br> <br>I think they´re in the process of renovating many of the apartments; I have one of the newly renovated ones. The appliances and cabinets were brand new. <br> <br>There are some drawbacks, though. <br>1) The location is right on the river, so you get that horrible river/Edgemoor Plant/landfill stench every few days. Obviously this isn´t their fault. <br> <br>2) The apartments are very poorly insulated. My 720 square foot apartment heating bill was the same for my parents´ 2700 square foot house. You can feel the drafts coming through every window and door. <br> <br>3) The carpeting, even though it was new, was installed poorly, so it´s full of lumps and bumps. Ditto for the flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. <br> <br>4) The walls are plaster over cinderblock, so they´re quiet, but it´s difficult to hang pictures or curtainrods. <br> <br>5) Some of the outlets are two-prong, instead of three-prong... another throwback to the 1940s when they were built. <br> <br>5) For a one-bedroom apartment, I´m paying $815 a month. Ouch! <br> <br>Overall, they´re a good place to live. Just remember that they´re 60 years old... and all the spackle in the world can´t cover that up.
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