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Altamonte at Spring Valley

693 Wymore Road, Altamonte Springs, FL

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714



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Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/17/2016
My girlfriend and I have lived here from February of 2015 to just the end of February of 2016. We will be moving out in just under two weeks. Altamonte at Spring Valley was undergoing renovations when we were first moved in over a year ago. I'm not sure how long they had been occurring, but it took them a year to finally get most of it done. Indeed, the apartments do look nice. Nice granite counter-tops, screened-in porches (they only had wooden railings when we first moved in), washer and drier in all units, nice interior paint color, and the exterior of the building has been repainted since our initial move-in. We rented a one bedroom unit so I can't speak for the other family sized units. A nice thing about this is the single bedroom units don't share space with the others. We are somewhat cut off from the larger complex, sort of like your own community within the whole community. Neighbors have been ever changing, but most people are pleasant. The area is very nice, you are within walking distance of a good many things, and the surrounding area is fairly quiet. Despite how nice the units look, spend a few months in one and the seams will start to show. We have had to call maintenance out numerous times for various things that you'd expect to have been fixed before we moved in. The door to the bedroom wouldn't sit in the backset correctly when the door was closed, needing you to pull up on the door to get it to click shut. I found out that it only had one screw in it and someone took a detachable screwdriver head and stuck it in the second screw hole. The closet door in the bathroom literally fell off of its hinges. After the front doors were repainted, the expansion of the door caused our front door to not sit in its backset correctly as well. Almost pulled the door handle off trying to pull the door closed tight enough to actually lock it. Our apartment has also been prone to power surges. No idea what's causing them, but the kitchen area of our unit randomly loses power for a split second. I can't count how many times I've had to reset the clocks because of this. On the plus side, all the appliances in the kitchen were new when we moved in. The energy efficiency seems fairly good as well. Our electric bill generally ranges between $100 and $120 a month during the summer, and I'm the type of person who likes to keep his place 72 degrees as much as possible. During the winter we average $85 to $95. Never had a problem with the washer and drier other than having to unplug and then plug the washer back in because, for whatever reason, it mysteriously won't start without doing so once in a blue moon. The set up of the apartment is attractive. Nice walk-in closet is a great touch. Not a lot of storage space, though. Having the bathroom be inside the bedroom is a hassle. Have company over at night and your significant other is asleep? Try your best to walk through the bedroom, get to the bathroom, do your business, then make your way back out. Bathrooms should be placed in a central location. Maintenance has always been nice regardless of the situation. They fix things promptly and as accurately as possible. Our first month had us battling this complex's extremely old A/C units. According to the sheet inside the A/C closet, the unit was installed in 1997. Yes, these things are archaic. It took them three months to finally figuring out what was causing our unit to not cycle between cool and hot properly. At least it was fixed, but these units should be replaced, not just have a Band-aid applied to them. Now, my only real complaint with this place is the noise. I've lived in other apartments before and visited friends in their complexes, and this place is by far the noisiest. You will hear everything your neighbors do. The sliding and closing of the glass doors leading out to the patio, cupboards closing, footsteps, things hitting the floor, rolling on the floor, tapping the floor, the upstairs toilet flush, and on the list goes. If you have an upstairs neighbor that even mildly moves around, prepare to rip your hair out. A neighbor with kids? You will hear every little step they take. It's not their fault, obviously, because the ceilings in this place are paper thin. The noise level is ungodly. Ear plugs did little to help with the problem. There's nothing like watching TV, getting absorbed in your show, and hearing the sudden screeching of a chair being dragged across a tile floor, only to then have someone sound as if they are stomping across your ceiling as the walls in your apartment literally shake and vibrate. That's not hyperbole, our walls shook like a rhino was charging across the neighbor's floor. This place wasn't bad given the price, which was $802 when we first moved in. We were offered $864 to renew our lease and it they just aren't worth it. I know a number of people in the single bedroom units that were asked to pay in the ballpark of $900+. $900 for a 625 square foot apartment with paper thin ceilings and obviously aged, albeit nice looking interiors is not worth it. You can rent a decent two-bedroom house for $600, let alone a a nice three-bedroom for $900. Not a bad place to live if the value of a dollar isn't that big a deal to you or you're needing to get a place on short notice, but there are definitely better options.
Altamonte at Spring Valley Manager02/18/2016

We appreciate you taking the time to provide our community with this thorough feedback. We're pleased to hear that our recent renovations helped to enhance your experience. As you mentioned, our maintenance team strives to provide exceptional customer service by responding to requests as promptly and thoroughly as possible and we're glad that your interactions with them were reflective of this. We're sorry to hear that noise had such an impact on your living situation, but please understand that apartment style living can result in some neighboring noise. We understand your frustration regarding rent increases, but we assure you, our rates remain comparable to the current local market, and we feel, provide a great value. While we're disappointed that you won't be renewing your lease with us, we wish you nothing but the best in your new home.

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Altamonte at Spring Valley

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