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Ashley Of Spring Valley



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/10/2007
I've lived here for six months and have another six to go. I almost feel like paying the $4,000 in advance to get the heck out of here. <br><br>The inside of my apartment is great - quiet, comfortable and makes me feel at home. It's once I step foot outside that I hate it. I feel like I'm in the ------! The side of my building was spray painted a few months ago. I should have taken that as my first sign of upcoming issues. The maintenance fixed it within hours, but just the fact that someone did it, gives me a clear indication of the type of other people living here. ------! <br><br>A few months after the spray painting, I had a problem with my garbage disposal. I called the office four times in one week asking that they fix it. No one came. Then on that Sunday I came home and started preparing dinner. I noticed that my feet were warm and a bit wet. I looked down, saw water coming out of the cabinets, opened them and saw tons of water just pouring onto the floor. The pipes had all come loose and water went straight from the faucet to the floor. The office was closed, so I called the emergency maintenance number. DUMB! They read off a list of items that they consider to be an emergency. If yours is not on the list, I guess you can't get help until the office is open. Well, I left a message cussing them out. The maintenance manager called me ten minutes later to apologize. He was great! He gave me a whole new garbage disposal and even fixed the kitchen light that had been broken. I figured that was the end of my problems. <br><br>Three weeks ago I came home late one evening from work. I was walking up the stairs to my apartment when I saw movement at the top. As I got closer a huge nasty rat ran past my down the stairs. GROSS! UNACCEPTABLE! I happened to be home the next day when the pest control man came by for his monthly rounds. He asked me if I had any bugs and I said I did not. Thankfully I have not had any bug issues, but I'm super clean too. I did tell him about the rat from the night before. He was not shocked and said he'd put something down. Two days later there was a dead rat on the side walk near the parking lot. I could hear people telling their dogs to get away from it. I was grossed out! I cannot and will not live with rats! I went to the office and asked if there was a known rat problem that I should know about. The girl in the office told me not to worry and that there were no reports of rats inside. Hmmm....do you think I'm dumb enough to just think they are outside? Nope! Well, last week there was another dead rat, close to where the first one was found. Today there was another. So, that's three rats! Where there's three there are 3,000 more! So, again I went to the office to cuss them out and complain. The girl (she lives here too) told me a story about how she saw one outside too. She seemed to be okay with it and said that they are all over Altamonte. That's fine for her, but not me. Ha ha ha. <br><br>I'm from New York, where rats are all over. Guess what? I never lived with them there and I won't do it here! I grew up in the hood, but there comes a point in your life when you want to move on and up. Well, I'm now stuck in the ------ of Altamonte for six more months. I can't wait to get out of here. I can say this - If I see one thing crawling up in here - I'm out! I won't pay them the rest of the money and I will take them to court! You can't have people living in conditions like this..it's not acceptable! <br><br>Oh, parking - the people don't know how to park. My brand new car got scratched on the side the first week I moved in. It's not big, but it was not there when I got here. When I park I park far from everyone else. <br><br>Don't let that model apartment they show you fool you. Ha ha ha ha. Run! <br><br>
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Ashley Of Spring Valley

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