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Central Park



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mxvr4 • Resident 2000 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2007
I have lived in 5 different apartments in this complex from 2000 thru 2005.<br><br>The first one was in building E, 3rd floor, overlooking the pool. The problem with this unit was the noise of the pool, especially after hours, after the pool would close, and kids would sneak in and start making all kinds of noise and throwing all the patio furniture into the pool, when everyone is trying to sleep. On site courtesy officer was always being called in situations like this to kick them out and quiet things back down so residents could go back to sleep.<br><br>Second unit was in building B, 1st floor unit, overlooking the grassy courtyard. Problem with this unit was the formation of mold all around the base boards, plus heavy foot traffic from the resident above.<br><br>Third unit was in building A, 2nd floor unit, overlooking the grassy courtyard. Out of all the units, this one was in the best condition at move-in... it had brand new carpet and vinyl flooring. Problem with this unit was again heavy foot traffic from the resident up above, even loud episodes right in the middle of the night... we thought he was gonna come crashing thru our ceiling, like he was falling out of bed or something.<br><br>Fourth unit was in building E again, 3rd floor unit, but this time overlooking the tennis court and parking areas, out the back of the building. When I arrived to take possession of my apartment, the re-decorating was not complete, but they tried to put me in the unit anyway. All the painters supplies were still in the unit.... paint cans were sitting on the kitchen counter, there was a step ladder in the bathroom, etc.... it was crazy... I requested to get some money back for the inconvenience, but instead they moved me into a furnished unit over in phase II for the next 2 nights so that they could give the painter and cleaning people a chance to finish the work in my unit before letting me return. The other problem with this unit was the car noise you would hear since it faced the parking/driveway side of the building.<br><br>Fifth unit was in building C, 3rd floor, again overlooking the parking/driveway area. Problem with this unit was again, the noise from the cars driving past/car doors slamming shut, etc. Also, this unit had cock-roaches BAD...... I probably killed 10 to 12 roaches over just a one-month period in this unit. I was only in it for 1 month.<br><br>This is a noisey complex. If you are not on the top floor, you will hear your neighbors above you. Also, the walkways that run thru the building, front to back, are wood (except the ground level), so, depending on the type of shoes someone is wearing, you can really hear the clomp, clomp, clomp, and it is right next to your bedroom/bathroom. If your unit faces the parking/driveway side of the building, you will hear the loud cars because of the cheap windows. Also, the trash bin, which is right underneath your bedroom window will be checked 5 times everyweek (they will lift the lid, then let it drop back down....... ah, valet trash service.... don't you just love it.....lol)... no need for an alarm clock, this will wake you up every morning...<br><br>Also, to get to your entry door, you have to walk right past your bedroom window.... so now, picture yourself laying in bed, or standing in front of your bathroom sink, having just stepped out of the tub, and all of the sudden you see the valet trash guy right there in front of your bedroom window, to collect your trash from the bin right under the window, or someone from the staff walking past to come to your door to leave some correspondence for you...even people just walking up the stairs have easy eye shot of this window, and can see half of the bedroom and right into the bathroom, so basically you have to keep it covered 24/7 if you want any privacy.<br><br>My advise for living in here... get a 3rd floor unit that faces either another building or looks out on landscaped yards... it is the quietest place you will find in this complex... if you don't, you may find yourself turning on the "fan only" option on your furnace during the night, while you sleep, so you drown out all those other external noises....lol... it actually works pretty well...<br><br>Rates are pretty reasonable, and a nice feature is that every unit comes with a washer/dryer in the unit, which was a big plus for me... thats why I kept coming back.... but the rates are creeping up with all the high-priced real estate that is being built just down the road from this place, around Cranes Roost lake...<br><br>Location is great... you can walk to Cranes Roost park, and the Altamonte Mall, which is another reason why I kept coming back to this complex...<br><br>Staff was always helpful to me, and always polite, especially after unit 4 wasn't ready when I arrived....lol Then I got really great treatment after that.....<br><br>I would recommend this complex only because of the washer/dryer in your unit, the location in Altamonte, and the reasonable rates compared to other complexes in the area... but, the reasonable rates are only in phase I, cause those are the older buildings, and they have the smallest floor plans... other than that, you basically have the same annoiances that plague every big, high density, stick-built complex.
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Central Park

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