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Chatham Harbor



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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
I can hear everything from sex, to coughing, full converations, and the tv up stairs and around me. To make matters worse because of the poor insulation, the ------- neighbors call the cops on me regularly because they have a "noise complaint" they dont realize i too can hear their every move. I havent thrown a party in my place because of it, and probably never will. <br><br>There are a lot of -------- and black races yelling at eachother, in public an private, and from their apartment windows to cars driving by, and running up and down the stairs at all hours of the night and day, it is not fun, when you need to get up at 6 every morning. These apartments are built so that either you or your roomates bedroom wall is ajacent to the stairs, its actually directly behind the stairs, so every little step up and down the steps, is heard in your room!!!!!!!<br><br>The whole complex is very dirty, and children are coonstalty playing in the street, without a care if they get hit by your car. Me and e-brake are very familiar with eachother in my car, then the worst is the Cheers bar within walking distance to the complex, i warn you if you decide to enter that horrible establishment,there is loud music, loud people, very low class scum bags go there. A lot of fights go on there so the cops are called daily, it doesnt help the already scummy town of altamonte. Sometimes (every few days) a cop or 2 park their car, with the lights off, ready to ticket the drunks, at the stop sign on the entrance/exit of the cheers plaza,because the (drunk) cheers customers ALWAYS FAIL TO OBEY that stop sign , when leaving the bar, Im sure everyone knows what im talking about, I hope you -------s know that you need to stop at a stop sign, and that one of these days a cop with ticket you for failure to obey a traffic signal. I cant even count how many times i have almost been hit by one of these jerks, while trying to come home from work, its terrible. <br><br>I also have had the headlights in my car smashed, and of course no note was left behind. <br><br>All in all this place is not nice, the staff is very rude, and the structure is noisey, the minorities make this place 10 times worse, i would not recommend moving here.
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Chatham Harbor

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