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Douglaston Villas & Townhomes



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basictek • Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 12/10/2013
Like all apartments you will have a combination of positive and negative experiences. 1st After a dreadful experience at a 3 story apartment building in Lake Mary called Sun Lake we were looking for a few things high priority. #1 QUIET, #2 good location, #3 nice neighborhood, and if possible safe place for our dog Mitzy, and ample parking. We got everything we wanted and then some. The list of positive experiences. #1 We have a huge 1300 3/2 apt on a retention pond with fountain running from 8AM to 10PM #2 Since these units are single story (or 2 story town-homes no loud upstairs neighbors!!! yaaaa!!!) #3 Since these units are single story gas grilling is allowed!!! #4 Covered parking is assigned, and in some locations like ours there certainly is always ample parking very close to the unit #5 Good sized kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, and ok sized 2/3 bedrooms. Good sized master and guest bathrooms both with double sinks, and the master has a huge walk in shower. #6 Nice layout and apt seems bigger than it is. Living room/kitchen/dining are well separated from bedrooms giving good privacy if you have guests or roommates. #7 We absolutely love our huge back patio (not screened in) for grilling, hanging out, entertaining. #8 Tons of storage, from outside storage, to 1 walk-in closet, 3 other bedroom closets, entry closet, linen closet, and ample storage under double bathroom sinks and in kitchen, even a wet bar in dining room with cabinet. We have room to stick stuff everywhere :) #9 Competent maintenance staff that responds usually within 24 hours and fixes things pretty well #10 Beautiful grounds in most places especially the retention pond/fountain area behind our unit (to note only about 10 apts are on the pond, no other water is available but some nice wooded views are there. #11 Location is close to cranes roost/uptown Altamonte, walking distance from starbucks, BK, wekiva-seminole trail and more... #12 not really something we wanted but the fireplace can be nice in the winter There's more that we like but these are the biggest selling points I would guess, at least to us #13 tons of windows on both sides of the building with great views #14 2 nice pools, a nice tennis court, descent gym make up the amenities Now it seems like a perfect place right??? Unfortunately not there are some major issues too. #1 I've killed more bugs in 4 months here than 5 years living in a home, and more than any other apartment I have ever lived in, we attribute this to having lots of trees over us, and we're at the bottom of a hill where the water drains run under our around our building. I don't know that all apartments here have this issue but we certainly do, so we use more raid, and call for extra pest control #2 No ceiling fans, crappy 99 cent blinds on all the windows and door (which will probably get broken often) we replaced all ours with 2 1/2 wood blinds from lows (total about $300 for 8 windows and 2 doors). We also added a ceiling fan which was necessary to keep us cool in the large kitchen/dining/living area. #3 you have an attic but it's completely unfinished and pretty unusable, what we didn't like seeing combined with other reviews is the rat traps up there. We haven't seen any rodents yet but other residents in our building have so definitely something to look out for #3 the appliances are all very dated, Fridge has no ice maker, dishwasher is so loud we make plans to leave the apartment when running it #4 Cabinets in kitchen, bathrooms, wet bar, and all sliding doors (like for washer and dryer) are also very dated and in need of replacement. You can't clean them anymore and have to put down paper to feel like your stuff will stay clean. By far the worst I have seen at any apartment ever and I've lived in over a dozen in my life #5 Fees Fees Fees, don't get too caught up in the advertised rent price it's not the true price, this is not the only apartment place doing this as Sun Lake did exactly the same things. We are feed with $500 pet fee to move in plus $20 per month for a small Lhasa Apso that will do no damage to the apt. We have to pay $20 for our covered parking spot, and $10 for the 2nd car, plus $10 if you have any other cars, motorcycles, or let someone stay at your place for a couple weeks or longer. You must pay $20 for trash pickup (which is nice but over priced and they don't pickup on weekends) so the trash tends to build up and we have to walk boxes, things that can't be bagged, and extra trash (usually on weekends) to the dumpster often. Some buildings look like parking nightmares, and I've seen some excessive flooding in some areas (was told by our neighbor the previous resident in our building was flooded out). They even charged me a fee to switch over the electricity. So expect between $50 - $100 in additional rent per month in fees #6 Living room is a little difficult to work with due to fireplace, we would rather have a bigger living room. All units have this issue. #7 There seems to be a mold issue in the master bath (probably only with 3 bdrm) where without putting bleach tabs in the toilet it would get black circles in days. I know Florida has hard water but I've never seen it happen that fast. So overall we are happy and have learned to live with the negatives so we can enjoy the positives like coming home to a beautiful, large, quiet place every day. It feels like home to us and we're pretty happy (hopefully the new management won't hike the rent over $100 next year and we can stay for a while (Harbor group raised my rent $100 at Sun Lake and I wouldn't have stayed if they lowered it $100 lol. We would recommend Douglaston as they do try to resolve our problems and no apartment is perfect. If you want quiet, safe, good location, take note of your apartment location before moving in you should be able to enjoy it here. Having no upstairs neighbors, ability to grill, and lots of extra space really rock!!!
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Douglaston Villas & Townhomes

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 12/10/2013) Image of Douglaston Villas & Townhomes in Altamonte Springs, FL
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