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Douglaston Villas & Townhomes



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ashleyj87 • Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/21/2013
They will do anything to get you in there. We thought we were lucky to find such a place. The first year living there was great, we signed a 13 month lease and when the time came to renew, the rent went up a little but we decided to stay anyways. The place was dated but we liked the location and set up so we decided to stay even though it wasn't worth the price. We signed another 13 month lease which was a huge mistake. The second 13 months was not as pleasant as the first. Many Changes were made and many more fees were added on. (including paying monthly just to park at the place.) After the first 13 months they left us a letter 3 months before the lease was up saying that we either needed to give 60 day notice of move out or renew. We renewed. After the second 13 months we received the same letter with an even higher increase in rent and it was given 43 days prior to when we were supposed to move out. We could not afford to pay a higher rent and the place obviously had wear and tear from living there over 2 years so we had no other options but to leave. they gave us the letter on a saturday and were closed by the time we received it and on sunday. On monday we were informed that we would have to pay approximately (one month rent) $1200.00 as a fee for not giving 60 day notice. On top of that the fees they charged us were crazy when they did the walk through. We cleaned the place top to bottom and a drink was left in the freezer from someone that came to help us clean after we moved and they charged us over $80.00 cleaning fee. Anything they could possibly charge us for they did. They didn't give us a break on anything. Even though we were never a day late of rent and rented from them for over 2 years it didn't matter. We've rented from many different places and we have Always got our FULL deposit back and have never been charged a penny extra. It was obvious that we were being screwed. I could go on and on. Point is, I wish I would have known from the beginning and I would have never stepped foot into the leasing office. We are now stuck with over $2800.00 in fees and a screwed up credit/rental history until we finish paying it off. STAY AWAY FROM DOUGLASTON!
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Douglaston Villas & Townhomes

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