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The Preserve at Spring Lake



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noruega • Resident 2015 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2018
I moved to this complex three years ago. When I signed my lease, I was never informed that there would be major renovations taking place to the exterior. I had to endure several months of insane noise, hammering, drilling, maintenance staff, oh - and dark blue tarps covering every single window, so I had no daylight coming in. I lived through this with a newborn baby at home. My neighbors have been a revolving door in the three years I've lived there. I was one of the longest residents there in my area. Directly next door, there were 4 different sets of neighbors in three years. Tenant retention is horrible because people do not want to stay for a reason. The parking is extremely hard to find. I had to pay to reserve a parking spot in front of my home or else I would end up parking way too far from my door, while lugging my stuff and two kids. Speaking of parking, despite my Reserved parking sign, I've had several residents park in that spot regardless. I had one lovely neighbor absolutely refuse to move her car from my spot, screaming at me that she didn't care about the sign. The pools were hardly ever cleaned. In three years, I have heard gunshots three separate times outside my home. I am from NYC and haven't dealt with this much crime near my home. I've also had kids knock on my door asking for food, just like one poster wrote. The complex may look nice from the outside, but it is a superficial facade. The flooring is vinyl made to look like hardwood, which bubbles up. The granite is fake, vinyl covering over fake wood. There are several leaks, and mold is a concern. My kids became sick several times and needed breathing treatments. I also went through a sewage leak due to unproper maintenance of the pipes outside my home. Maintenance staff told me it was all clogged up and caused my leak. I woke up to my entire first floor flooded by waste water a couple of days before Christmas, a year ago. The complex didn't offer even a tiny rent credit for what we went through. I lost family heirloom Christmas decorations and furniture, not even including dealing with that unsanitary conditions with 2 children, until it was cleaned up. Even better, right before Thanksgiving of 2017, I lost hot water for almost three weeks. THREE weeks. The maintenance staff changed the stem valve, not one two three times before realizing it wasn't the stem valve. I would ask the leasing office to call with updates and they never would. I would constantly have to call in myself to see what was going on. It seemed the leasing office was too busy laughing and talking amongst themselves to care what I was dealing with. A few of those days I had no water at all. This was an actual violation of the lease, and the way it was handled was unfailingly unprofessional. This was during a cold spell right around Thanksgiving, my kids were sick and I had only cold water to bathe them in. The leasing office staff may seem nice initially, but they are incredibly incompetent. They like to plan stuff like a Pizza Day, but when you have an actual problem, do not expect to have it handled in the proper way. They cannot call themselves professionals. They do the absolute bare minimum. Maintenance staff does the best they can considering who they are working with. But emergency staff lives two hours away, so if you have a problem after hours or during the weekend, you may be out of luck. I wish luck to the next resident of my unit. Be prepared to hear screaming, cursing, heavy metal music and video games blasting at full volume, and drum playing happening. I once knocked on my neighbor's door because her teenage son was screaming at the top of his lungs and cursing at his little sister while she was crying for her Mommy. This happened nearly every day, and I decided to intervene thinking their mother wasn't home, but realized she was once I saw her car in the driveway. It was incredibly disturbing. The walls are paper thin, so you will hear everything. Also, be prepared for the neighbors' multiple dogs to roam the backyard freely and not have their waste picked up. I would always keep my kids inside because of it. Truly disgusting.
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The Preserve at Spring Lake

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