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Timberlake Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/21/2005
Okay I know apartment living is not spectacular, but we all have certain expectations that should be met. For example, if you place a request to have something fixed, it should be remedied. We have had roaches and ants in our apartment since the second week we moved in. I'm a very very clean person, so this was unacceptable. When we called about it, they would finally get around to coming out to spray on my countertops, in the cabinets, on the floors (where my cats roamed) and then they left. Days later I woudl have dead ants everywhere. Aparently nothing kills or deters cockroaches. And then when my hot water heater exploded (due to maintenence not tightening the pipe correctly) my apartment flooded. I've been living in a stinky apartment for four days now. I have loud, high-powered fans blowing through my apartment to dry my rugs and when I begged and pleaded, they finally gave me a dehumidifier. In the meantime, I'm paying the electric bill for all of this. Oh yeah, I didn't have running water for an entire night. So I couldn't shower, brush my teeth, or use the toilet. Yeah, good times. And they didn't offer any compensation for my inconvenience. Needless to say, when my husband comes home from his military stay elsewhere, we're moving...
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Timberlake Apartments

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