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Mizner Park Apartments

401 Northeast Mizner Boulevard

Boca Raton, FL 33432



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/14/2006
I have lived in "MIZNER PARK" for almost a year now. My husband is a student and we have an 19 month old son. Our experience here has not been one that i want to repeat. Although a few of the leasing staff members are very nice, this place is an over priced college dorm. The walls are thin and you can hear everthing all around you. If the person above you moves a chair across the floor you can hear it. Also while walking past any of the units you can hear the conversations going on inside even if they are talking at a normal volume level. SO much for privacy. If you are young and still into the party life you will love this place however anyone outside of this catagory will regret your move. We had to put fans in our bedrooms to help drown out this noise. After a year of living here and having to put up with all the crap i will be happy to be leaving. I literally laughed out loud when i got the notice that if we renued out lease it was going up from $1700.00 a month to over 2 grand. Yea right!If this still hasn't convinced you, visit Mizner Park and ask a few of the people who live here first hand what they think of the place (away from a leasing ageant)i have not met one person over the age of 25 that says they like it or will renue their lease, all of the families are moving out. I hope this has helped!
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Mizner Park Apartments

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