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Manatee Bay Apartments



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Office Staff
rm2006 • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2005
I cannot understand why someone would comment about there being crack heads outside, unless he is one. How would he know where all of these drug addicts hang out? Let's be real here, the man who is the CEO of Olen Properties is a multi-millionaire. Why would he write about this one apartment complex when he owns thousands nationwide. Visit the web site: olenproperties.com. Trust me the owner is not writing nice comments about Manatee Bay, only residents are taking the time to do this.<br><br>I am the individual who wrote how living at Manatee Bay is like living at a quaint resort. I'm going to be completely honest with whomever is reading this and honestly considering Manatee Bay as a home. It is GREAT here!!! The beach is just down the street. You are living along a gorgeous part of the intracoastal. Hey, from the BBQ picnic area, there are very nice homes that are now worth millions! <br><br><br>Our apartment remains very quiet. Nothing of ours has ever been stolen. Most of the people here are professionals and super freindly! The office staff is very nice and helpful. Maintenance is slower than I'd appreciate, but we have met all of the gentlemen working here and they are extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Many live here with their families, so they are available. They just also work at other Olen properties, so you have to be persistent. There is a small, mobile home community next to Manatee Bay, but this is Florida...mobile home communities are all over! In good and bad areas, along the beach and further west, everywhere. It too seems to be a quiet neighborhood. It literally is like a short street with a few mobile homes. And, as I mentioned, there is also homes worth millions on the other side of the community. So, that shows you how diverse Florida towns and cities are.<br><br>The gym is never crowded. The pool is alway great! The families here are very friendly and easy to talk to. It is a very diverse neighborhood. Neighbors greet each other. The grounds are kept beautiful and are maintained weekly. I have no complaints about living at Manatee Bay. <br><br>The individual who writes about all of the crime, drug abuse and arguments must not be a family man. I am a mother and live here by choice...not by oops, I made a mistake! Like with any other complex, you tour the grounds first before moving in if you can. I do not understand why the individual who made the comment below chooses to be so incredibly negative and remain here. Like with any community, you have to make the best of it and that is what the individual who wrote below needs to remember. He should get to know his neighbors and make the best of it until his lease ends. Where else is going to go and what else is he going to do?
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Manatee Bay Apartments

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