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Sawgrass Cove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
My husband and I rented for one year before buying a house. Everything posted here is completely true. We are so glad to be out of that apartment. I was very happy at first as the location is close to everythng and the apartment community seemed clean and nice. Wrong! Very unsafe. Check the FDLE website and see that many sex offenders are residents. Our utilities and water in our new home with a pool is the same as we were paying in that apartment. Our thermostat was broken the entire time we lived there (no airconditioning!) we had a temp of 85 degrees-90 degrees with an electric bill that ran into the $200's some months. The apartment refused to fix it. We were suffering heat stroke and paying for our neighbor's utilities and our utilities as FPL & the water company investigated this matter. The apt mgmt could not have cared less. Our water heater blew and flooded the apartment. They refused to fix anything. We gave 90 days notice about not renewing our lease (yeah right with a rate increas of $150/mos), sighed relief as we moved into our new home and got a bill for $720 as Sawgrass claimed regardless of our certified letter we did not give notice. We fought it and could have won, but they said give us $500 and we will call it even. Just to be done with them (against my judgement) my husband paid them $500 that we did not have). I hate these people.When our aparment was flooded by their faulty equipment and we went to their office to get an e.t.a. of the clean up of mold & mildew, the office staff were outside smoking and ran in the building saying oh sh*! here they come. These are not cheap apartments and the other complexes nearby are much better.
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Sawgrass Cove Apartments

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