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Brandon Palms Apartments



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Office Staff
Philandra • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2007
Absolutely horrible. I live on the bottom floor and every time the person above me takes a shower, I have water POURING from my ceiling into my office room (the 2nd bedroom) AND into my bathroom through the vent. I have called them numerous times and nothing has been done about it. I had to rearrange my office because they said it would probably happen again and it is normal. Well I am sorry, but I pay money to live here and don't want water pouring from my ceiling EVERY DAY while I am at work. I have to place towells there every morning before I leave to catch the water.<br><br>Also, we have had non-stop problems with our A.C. unit. It won't work half the time, and when it does work -it blows hot air (even with the coolant full). They STILL haven't completely fixed this.<br><br>We can hear through the walls very easily. I can hear phone conversations from the person above us and next to us. It is ridiculous.<br><br>Also, parking is horrendous as well. Everyone is to have tags on their cars now - well what's the point? There are still several cars parking in spots they shouldn't. Also, there are a lot of run down cars in the visitors spots which take up room for actual visitors.<br><br>Calling in for maintanence -well, you might as well just wait it out or fix it yourself. Either they just don't come, the request isn't given to them, or they come and don't fix anything. I am sorry, but this gets VERY ridiculous.<br><br>I am still trying to figure out why our rent went up. We started at $720 and we are now at $750/mo. It isn't too bad considering our water is paid for -- but everything dealing with this place is hell. <br><br>My husband and I are trying to get out of here and with all the problems (especially water STILL pouring from the ceiling) they are STILL having us pay a fee to end our agreement. This is ridiculous. <br><br>Who said they want to bring forth a lawsuit? I think my husband and I might just add to your list of tenants!<br><br>DON'T COME HERE--- They are turning into condos and cared more about building a fountain in the front of the property rather than fixing problems that their current tenants are already having. <br><br>SO DON'T BUY AND DON'T RENT. STAY AWAY!
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Brandon Palms Apartments

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