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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/31/2007
We've lived here a few months now and good Lord, we wish we had taken a closer look before signing our lease. We were attracted to this place because it looks absolutely stunning from the exterior. The model we saw looked great, minus the cheap and tacky berber, so we signed up. And that's where the good ended. Our application process took close to two weeks (not the three days we were told in the office) and when the staff told us that they would contact us at a specific time, days would go by and we would end up having to call them. Communication could have been a LOT better. We dropped $150 for a "redecorating fee" - of which I have never heard of in my life and I've rented many times before - but I highly suspect that money went elsewhere. When we started hanging up items on the walls you could see all the tack-holes that the previous tenant had made, something that a coat of paint would have covered. There are also various water stains on the walls, mostly near the ceiling. I've seen a carpet cleaning van in the complex on a couple of occasions but I suspect he's the cheapest guy in town - we discovered a battery, three screws, one nail, four unpopped popcorn kernels (no kidding!), and a LOT of accumulated dust and hair in the carpets before we started moving items in. And no, we weren't crawling around on the floor, we could see them as plain as day. A while back we had a pest-control man visit our apartment and up until that point, we had lived many months without so much as seeing an ant. The next day, we killed three German roaches, two ants, one earwig, and two silverfish. This made us incredibly suspicious so we bought a can of Raid. A hint for the staff of Lucerne: caulking over mold in a shower doesn't make it magically go away... We've also put in two maintenance requests a long time ago which we never heard a response from. No matter, we'll be out of here soon enough. As far as safety goes, I read a review regarding a motorcycle being stolen. Coincidentally, earlier this month there was a car theft reported in a local journal. That's just ridiculous. The pedestrian gate on the left side of the clubhouse is ALWAYS broken. And the best part of the design of the complex, if you follow the sidewalk at the entrance of the apartment to the right gate, it dead ends into the fence! What the heck is that about? Oh and then there's the parking...always people parking on the curb because there aren't enough parking spaces. It's not really a great idea to do that but despite Xeroxed notices from Whitney, the manager, everyone still seems to be hell-bent on congesting the drives. It seems the notices were all bark and no bite. **ETA** (Monday September 3, 2007) - see picture: this guy just jumped out of my dishwasher!
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