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Providence Lakes Apartments



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Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2012
My husband and I lived at this complex from 2010-2011 on a 15th month lease. We never had any problems- if something broke, they fixed it. Management was always respectful and easy to deal with, and we didn't have any issues with our neighbors. We lived in one of the large one bedrooms and it was spacious and the special price we got was a deal, well worth it for the apartment. It was a great first place for us. My only gripes while living there were the crappy Cable they had pre-wired that you had to pay for (Comcast), the automatic water bill (it's by apartment size, not actual use), and the fact that because we were on the 2nd floor with beautiful vaulted ceilings the TECO bill was ridiculous. Seriously, we pay less for our house that is double the size and also 2 stories. It's because the AC is outdated. But it was still nice, and we didn't dislike anything. Crap hit the fan when we went to move out. We got the notice that our rent would be increasing about $100/month around the time we had decided to look into something bigger- we wanted more space. The prices of the 2 bedrooms were just too high for us to justify, and the increase in rent seemed stupid considering nothing had been upgraded or anything in the time we lived there. We told them that we would not be renewing, and actually went to contract on building a house. The house wasn't going to be done for another month after our lease was up, so we asked about a month-to-month. We expected it to be higher than the extra $100, but no, it was literally the equivalent of paying both our new MORTGAGE and our previous RENT! Over $1800 for one month there! We talked to them about it and they said it was a corporate rate and there was nothing they could do. So much for 15 months of loyalty. Well, we moved out- and I'm a neat freak, so I cleaned the apartment up and down. Belinda, the previous manager, gave us the all clear and sent us on our way. 2 months letter I got a letter from the manager that took over for her, Amanda, that we owed over $600 for "carpet replaced due to pet damage" and a cleaning fee! Our pets didn't damage a thing, so we of course fought this. It was a long road- they even put us into a terrible collection agency that would hang up on my husband when he tried to tell them we were disputing the debt. Camden wound up removing the charge for the carpet because they realized "the damage was from the time that the water heater leaked and was replaced." Part of me thinks it was more because they had no evidence of pet damage other than their word and I was going to sue them (full on had a lawyer involved, I was going after them and the collection agency.) Friends of ours that lived there had similar issues with pet fees- they see a pet deposit (yeah, we paid $500 just to HAVE a pet in the apartment- it didn't cover anything!) as a way to get more money from you when you move out. We paid the $50 cleaning fee that they didn't drop (at this point, I didn't even care as long as we could get this over with, we were trying to close on a house and they were threatening our credit) and assumed it was over. Nearly a year later, it turns out that Amanda never contacted the collection agency to tell them the debt was paid, so Hunter Warfield STILL put a derogatory account on our credit! We went in to see her today to get it fixed and she seemed like it was all innocent and she would fix it. We made her contact them while we were there. I am still considering suit if this isn't fixed immediately. In the past, I HAD recommended this complex to others, but now I've changed my mind. The new management is an absolute joke (Belinda still lives in the complex but manages a different one) and they have no idea what they're doing. They will nickel and dime the hell out of you when you go to move if you have pets, and probably even if you don't. If it weren't for the lack of ethics, this complex could be great, but until the new management is gone, I wouldn't live here again.
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