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Amber Crest



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janellesmiles • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
I am still a current resident, and I must agree that the management is terrible. One of the managers gave me permission to have my mother's freight liner come in to drop off some things, it maybe took an hour, and one of the other managers chased her down on her little golf cart probing to know who she'd been visiting and warned her to never come back! Also I was due to be married and expected a package that day, I went into the office for a simple request to have them call my cell if the package showed up since I needed the items for our wedding TOMORROW, and the manager said no problem. Of course when I got home that evening I got a message from management on a package that had arrived, the office was already closed. A simple request like that it completely ruined my wedding day, my cake items had been late arriving, and by my wedding day it was too late to make the cake. I was completely mortified. I can't tell you how many times the managers are nice once in awhile, but when I make the initiative polite friendly gesture I get snotty looks. I've heard from other residents that no matter how clean you clean it when you leave you won't get your deposit back. I'm still debating staying because I do like the size of the apartment and layout. Its just dealing with management that Is completely unreliable/dishonest. I've had neighbors with trash bags that sit in the back of their truck, and watched squirrels rip them open. Those same neighbors leave glass beer bottles in the parking space, I got so tired of cleaning up after them that I swept it up and dropped it right in front of their door. The other neighbor I have below me stole my door mat. One day my husband and I were on the patio and overheard them talking loud enough so we could hear about how they took it. The neighbors here are slobs. I hate to pack up and move. I love the apartment though its nice on the inside. It took them 2 weeks to fix our refrigerator when it was leaking water all over our kitchen floor. We went down to the main pool area one day with my daughter who's 3,and I was completely shocked that there was no bathroom.
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Amber Crest

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