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Park Place



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MichaelSchidek • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
We moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Clearwater, FL. We found this place online, and have never seen it prior to moving in. The property manager told us it is a very nice neighborhood, very nice apartment. Then told us we would be moving into the nicest apartment they had available. When we arrived after driving roughly 1000 miles we were shocked on how much it looked like a project, ------, Slum, HOOD.. whatever you call it. But because I had my SUV & Trailer loaded with all my belongings and I started work in 2 days we signed the lease, then we were showed the apartment. It was terrible! Very small. But we were going to make this work until we could get to know the area. Shortly after moving in. Our vehicles were broken into. The police were great, it was like CSI, Finger prints, the whole 9. I started talking to the police, he said it was the worst neighborhood in all of clearwater. And that he would NEVER live here. Sad part was this was just the tip of the iceberg. The property manager (Total B**TCH!) We had serious problems with the apartment that needed fixing, i.e. Both toilets were leaking. Nothing was weatherproof (Windows, doors) I initially stopped in and talked to them. Said this needs fixed. That needs fixed. They smiled and said, Sure we will send someone right over. 1 week goes by, then two. Then 3 months. Nothing. Each week I would call and ask if someone was coming over. They said tomorrow. Tomorrow never came. My girlfriend left a message on the voicemail. I called two days later and spoke with the property manager. She said there was no message. I told her I was standing right next to my girlfriend when she left the message, And she definitely left the message. The property manager called me a liar. Would you believe that? So instead of calling her every name in the book I did some research and sent them a letter certified stating if they don't repair the apartment in 7 days, I will withold rent and move out. Next day maintenance showed up, fixed everything. Next day, The property Manager had my trailer towed without even giving me notice. One day its there. Next day it's gone I thought someone stole it. But no, it was the property manager playing her games. So after calling the property manager to find out where my utility trailer is and forking over $200.00 to the towing company. I get my utility trailer back. I am totally disgusted with Lantana, Park trace, Park place. They change their name so much. I lived here since September it's had 3 names. Only reason I moved in was because it has 1 month free rent. I should have known better. Nothing is free. I am paying for it big time. Total garbage! Move in at your own risk. And don't unpack too much because believe you me, you will be moving out with the quickness. Seriously.. If I could, I would give it ZERO stars. It sucks that bad.
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Park Place

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