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Sundance Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2005
The management bullys and harasses residents, in order to get them to leave, so they can re-rent the apartments at a higher rate. This is because they are on comission. We have limited access to our "amenities", and even though several management employees live on site, we have to call the Clermont police in order to access our basketball court, and workout facility- because during and after hours, people come here and take over our complex. We have no access to the movie theatre after business hours.<br><br>The residents, however, are questioned, threatened, and harassed daily,on minor issues,such as visiting the pool, or use of the basketball court. Non- residents are welcomed. Management does not enforce any of their so called rules- such as pet policy, items in the breezeways, or parking. Children on this site are particularly targeted. They tried to serve me with a threat of eviction because my son tried to free a neighbors foot, after she got entangled in the automated gate. I called corporate, and tore them a new -------. They have done this with several other renters here as well. After contacting an attorney, I was told that this is a common ploy by apartment managements all through Florida.<br><br>When I called the front office to discuss my particular issue, the person I was speaking to didn't even have her facts straight, nor did she know the name of the child being threatened with eviction.<br><br>Their maintenance manager, nothing but a glorified cleaning man, has asked personal questions, put his hands in my sons face, and consistently drives up to my patio with his golf cart- unannounced. After last years hurricanes, we sustained water damage throughout the apartment due to leaky windows, and water coming up through the floor itself. Only my living room carpet has been attended to- they took up half the padding, and replaced it. The same moldy carpet remains, as does the damage to my childrens room, thanks to the leaking from the windows in there. In addition,this past summer, they hired a disabled resident, who is addicted to painkillers and lost custody of her son to his father because of her addictions as a "lifeguard" at the pool. Yet, they have a disclaimer up saying that they hold no responsibility because there "is no" lifeguard.<br><br>Capreit Management is horrible- if you can find somewhere else to live, I advise it. You and your family will be happier NOT living here.<br><br>Sundance sucks, and I will move, as soon as I can. <br><br><br><br>
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Sundance Apartments

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