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Palms Point at Lake Coral Springs



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2005
I knew that Windsor had sold the development when the trash stopped being picked up, the landscaping wasn't being maintained and a RAT was running loose inside the walls of my unit. When I called for someone to come get the rat, I was told they could't open the wall and take it out. They put snap traps in my unit (where the rat WAS NOT!), knowing I had 2 cats and told me it would be ok. When they removed the traps, no rat in them, they let themselves into my unit while I was at work, never notifying me. When I complained that someone had illegaly entered my unit, the woman gave me an attitude and declared they could enter the unit whenever they felt. I advised her if anyone entered my unit without notifying me again, I would be pressing charges. That happened in early Aug. The rat has never been removed, there is a funky odor in my unit(most likely dead rat)they insist there is NO smell. (smell has been confirmed by other friends and family.) I have not stayed in my unit since August because I no longer feel safe in the complex. Since they have gone public about the conversion, the landscaping is being taken care of, the trash is being collected. But the service is still TERRIBLE and I still have a rat! There are still rat droppings in the hallways! This management company has had control of the development since around June, and it was not until the 2nd week in September that the residents were notified that a condo conversion was taking place. Had it not been for the rat and terrible management I would have renewed my lease, by not giving notice to vacate. At this point, if I had done that, I would not have fulfilled MY end of the agreement and provided 60 days notice that I was leaving. The new management company, I STILL DONT KNOW THEIR NAMES!, have no idea what they are doing, and I would warn anyone thinking of buying one of these units to think twice before moving in. THIS IS NO LONGER A WINDSOR COMMUNITY. The service is NOT that of a Windsor Community. Its like 3 poker buddies started a management company.
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Palms Point at Lake Coral Springs

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