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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2019
I'm giving a 2 start rating only because I enjoy living here. The new office staff is abhorrent. Our old leasing mgr, Bonnie, was very personable, helpful and sweet. She treated the residents as if we were a part of her family and now this new guy they have in there, after a new mgmt company came in, couldn't be bothered more by current residents and even possible new renters. He's always taking personal calls about his mortgage or citizenship for his husband and will stick a finger in your face when you go to the office until he's off the phone. I checked my mail one day and heard him yelling and cursing on the phone while standing outside smoking. My apartment faces the office and I see him outside smoking all the time instead of doing his job. He is always leaving early too. Bonnie was here past her shift time and on weekends all the time, working hard and this guy barely does anything. One of the maintenance men here got a knee injury while replacing every single toilet in the complex and this guy in the office AND the company doesn't seem to care at all about it. They work him like a dog. Might as well be standing over him with a whip, barking orders at him while trying to ignore his injuries. As soon as you walk in the office, it's like you get kicked in the face with strawberry vapor juice. I went into the office for a new air filter and he was grabbing a vendor's --- In front of me and others in the office. When I watched him take a couple to the model apt, he was walking like 30 feet in front of them instead of with them. Just seems a bit like he doesn't care. If I was interested in renting, after coming in contact with him, I wouldn't be anymore. I'm actually thinking about moving out before this new company guts the place and it goes downhill. If this company is anything like his people skills or personality, I'm scared. Figures... Get rid of the good people and put someone in who can't stand his job or doesn't want to be bothered by us stupid residents
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Osprey Landings

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