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1757 South Clyde Morris Road, Daytona Beach, FL 32119
1757 South Clyde Morris Road, Daytona Beach, FL 32119

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The Boulevard Apartments

1757 South Clyde Morris Road

Daytona Beach, FL 32119



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sunpointelakesux • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/23/2012
That Review must have been a joke... I've lived here for all of eight months now and I feel very very sorry for anyone who has had to endure it for any longer. First, we were given a tour of an updated, nice apartment. Then we entered into a lease with a gross apartment with and old, OUTDATED FRIDGE AND OVEN. Our garbage disposal BROKE within the first month and five months later the FRIDGE IS BROKEN TOO.(still not fixed) The chain which allows you to flush the toilet is broken as well so we've had to rig that. I live on the first floor and my screen to my porch has been broken for months to no avail, not that it matters because the sprinklers soak the porch, which then grows mold, so we can't make use of it anyway. Oh, and I still haven't mentioned the best part. WITHIN THE FIRST MONTH WE WERE ROBBED AT GUNPOINT INSIDE OF OUR HOME!!!!! This was in January. In May, someone attempted to break into one of our guest's cars. Two weeks ago, Someone successfully broke into our neighbor's truck. The property managers would not answer or return our phone calls and there conveniently happened to be no one in the office for the few days after the incident (there is a single employee for this location and another down the road, so good luck getting in touch with anyone ever.) The property managers then told a new resident who had just signed their lease that the robbery was "only a joke". Are you effing kidding me? I had a gun pointed at me and you have the nerve to tell someone that it was a joke? Since we've been there 3 people that we know have broken their leases to get out and when they put in new carpet, its at 7 am! Awesome. As far as the other people there, they are mainly obnoxious. Our upstairs neighbors are constantly drinking outside leaving all of their mess. We have had the people across the hall knock on our door and run away several times, and neighbors on our floor leave full trash bags out in the halls. Everyone lets their children run around and scream in the hallways, which echos into the apartments. This is coming from a 20 year old girl, and I've never had a lot of money, I'm used to a little crime. I can be loud on occasion, I drink a little, I'm an understanding person but this place makes me wish I could be anywhere but there. The only upside is plenty of parking and ice cold ac. - parking is adequate, but dangerous. lock your doors and try to park close to your home. -noise wouldn't be terrible if there were no one above you. If I could do it over I'd choose 3rd floor, for sure. -grounds were pretty before the fountain in the retention pond broke. They should spend less money on shrubbery and more on appliances. - The one older maintenance guy is nice, and he works hard to keep the grounds nice, clean out old apartments for new tenants, but once you're in, you're screwed. - There is also an older woman who helps to maintain I think the pool and laundry room ? but she is very very nice.
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The Boulevard Apartments

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