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Tivoli Springs Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
We have lived in this apartment for 2 years and things were fine until Hurricane Wilma.<br>We lost our roof and received alot of water damage on the ceiling. Two months later the damaged had not been repaired to the building or in the apartment. When mold started growing on the ceiling and after complaining a number of times, they treated the mold. This left a white, powdery substance on our personal property and whoever they allowed into our apartment stole all of my jewelry. They made no attempt to help recover it and the police had to get involved. Never saw it again. Still no repairs to roof or apartment. That January it down poured and the ceiling caved in and flooded the apartment. Finnally they ordered the repairs. We had no walls or ceiling and had to live in one room for nearly 2 months. The construction job is very shotty, still missing face plates on oulets, outlets cut incorrectly, carpets were never cleaned after the flood or the construction, they stainted the carpet. Stay away ,there are much better options out there. The management here just doesn't have the time to care about the living conditions and the maintence staff is incompetent. We wanted to break our lease but they are threating to make us pay for new carpets and all other work if we do.
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Tivoli Springs Apartments

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