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Lexington Club



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/01/2005
First of all, when you call and ask about the apartments they make it sound like such a wonderful place. It is far from that. People were stealing vcrs, tvs, and other miscellaneous items in the complex. Most of the older people do not belong there but in an assisted living area. Some of the residents have dogs that they leave run loose in the halls and never clean up after them which the office staff always told them to do. Seems like if there is a problem the office staff doesn't seem to care about it. Come to find out they want the apartments filled because the two head people in the office get bonuses. Alot of people have moved out of these apartments. The apartment complex next door let the children come by our apartments and ride their bikes by us even on the sidewalks. Those residents also park there vehicles on our side taking away our parking places. There is not enough parking places there as it was. They also leave alot of children swim in the pool so then there is no room for the residents to go in there. If you aren't from the same country as the manager she don't care about you at all. <br>Never again would I move in a place like that. It was first a retirement complex now they are letting anyone move in there even with kids. <br>When the lawns needed mowing they would blow it right on our vehicles and they were told a number of times from the manager not to do that too. <br>They had outside doors which were supposed to be locked at all times and half the time they didn't even work. People would come in during the night and steal stuff. We didn't feel secure at all. They should have had a full time security there.
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Lexington Club

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