Beltrees Plaza Apartments

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Beltrees Plaza Apartments

660 Beltrees St, Dunedin, FL 34698
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Resident 2020 - 2021


Poor upkeep. They bandage over bandage. No trained and certified maintenance. Painter is a joke he paints everything. Light sockets . Light switches and whatever else gets in the way. Mold and rats. Warning: stay away from this establishment. Manager is tenant that lives by her rules and you live by what they say the rules are. What a slum.

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    prospectiveVisited 2021


    WARNIG... This place is a scam!! they just collecting applications fees. $95 per person just to deny you over stuff they said in the beginning they had no problem with! Don't waste your time or money here!

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      Resident 2020


      Beltrees Plaza Apartments Ask the community I lived here 2 yrs 6 months, absolutely love it. The staff are awesome. I recently moved from a 1 br to a 2 br. They are upgrading the apartments and they are beautiful and spacious. Very quiet. And nobody made me write this review, I knew the ones that no longer live here, they are liars about how this place is runned, people have serious issues sometimes, im glad they are gone. We are are diverse community of very nice Tennants.

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        Resident 2015 - 2017


        Warning to ALL and ANY Hendricks Property Customers! Known slumlords to Dunedin Code Enforcement. I was a resident at Beltrees Apartments for 3 years. Property managers disappered in the middle of the night. One Christmas 2 days before xmas. They went around claiming everyone owed them money because their books are not in order. Jan of 2017 we had a rat problem. They came and patched the kitchen cabinet with foam. Rats came back in June. Infested my apartment. Chewed right through the walls. Destroyed my furniture. I wear an upper partial denture. A rat took it off my night stand by my bed and into the wall in the kitchen!!! Have dealt with Ben Tubbs on other mind blowing issues for years. He has an attitude of "don't like it leave". He said we could move out early and we would get our deposit back for the most recent rat situation. They only took action after Mike Kempto of Dunedin Code Enforcement forced them to. Moved out August 31st. Have called office numerous times. It is now 11/13/2017... Always get a run around and fabricated stories by the lady in the office. This is public notice that I expect… See More>
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          Resident 2013 - 2016


          I have been living here so far for about 3 years and all I have to say is the community is very quiet. Don't have to worry about nosy or noisy neighbors. The maintenance men they have on site are great! hardworking and fast they try to get the problems replaced or repaired by the same day, If not by the next business day. The pool is beautiful and not too many children so you can have a nice relaxing dip in the pool if you would like. I would definitely recommend this apartment complex to all my friends!

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            prospectiveVisited 2015


            DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR MONEY FOR AN APPLICATION IF YOU HAVE A PREVIOUS EVICTION ON YOUR NAME. THEY SAY THAT THEY WILL APPROVE YOU EVEN IF YOU HAVE AN EVICTION IN YOUR PASSED BUT THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY FOR AN APPLICATION THEN DENY YOU ANYWAYS, THIS IS A SCAM. I visited the office at Beltrees and the manager answered the office door, barefooted. I also noticed a baby in diapers about 9 months old crawling around the dirty tile floor and grabbing at my ankles and feet while i was filing the application. When I asked the manager if the apartment was available to view she answered "No" and "The current tenant was a stoner, and the apartment would have to be vacant prior to viewing". The excuses for denying my application were all lies and my income was also more than DOUBLE of their requirements for the apartment, and almost 5 years of rental history and employment history was given to them with all good references. Several of the employers they did not even call. I'm sure the BBB has multiple claims against this company.

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              Resident 2011 - 2015


              I moved here 4-5 years ago. I would not recommend living here. The landlords do drugs. After hours they are not available because they are drunk and high. Maintenance requests do not get done unless you constantly call them daily. The noise from neighbors beside you are minimal, the noise from upstairs and downstairs is horrible. The windows are old and let all the AC out in the summer and the cold in in the winter. It is in DESPERATE need of updating inside the units. Old cabinet doors. Plywood countertops. Old facets. VERY old air conditioning units that are filthy. I love the layout of the apartment. Due to issues with the land lords and their lack of professionalism I am looking to move when my lease is up. If looking for a place to live---beware!!

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                Resident 2012 - 2014


                I have lived in Beltrees Plaza Apartments for two years now and I love it! I moved here because of how absolutely friendly the managers were. They have proven to continue to care about their tenants throughout my time here. I have lived in many different apartment complexes and this is the one I love most. If you are looking for perfect, or new, don't live here. These apartments are old and have a lot of character. But if you are looking for friendly managers, great neighbors, a feeling of home, and a great location, this is the place for you. I could see myself easily staying here until I settle down and buy a house. I recommend it for everyone!

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                  Resident 2010 - 2012


                  I have lived at Beltrees Plaza for almost 2 years, everytime I have had an issue with anything management has taken care of this issue. They have always been friendly and helpful with any issues or problems that have arose. The only people who seem to have issues are those that aren't living up to there end of there leases. This is the best place I have lived while in Florida and as long as I am here will be here as long as they will have me. I recommend this complex to anyone who wants a quite, family friendly, environment.

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                    Resident 2012


                    Really? This person who has wrote these horrible things about our Community definately has serious issues. My family has been here for years. Our management staff and maintenance staff is top of the line! They are always there for you anytime 24/7. They have incredible programs for our childrens to acheive good grades get time when I was down sick they brought me a warm dinner. Recently, they helped a new family get settled in with groceries and furniture. I think probably you are behind in rent or just a negative person in general. Do you really even know what your talking about. Mr. Hendricks himself is the nicest man. Always saying hello and getting involved with the children on how they are doing in school. As a tenant here for many years, I am embarrassed on these horrible accusations you have written. Any normal thinking person would know when they read your comments, would be able to see right through your behavior. I welcome ALL to live here and see that this is the place to raise your family!-:)

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                      prospectiveVisited 2011 - 2012


                      I would not recommend this particular apartment home to anyone with common sense! The management is horrible, unprofessional, rude, prejudice and lazy. Being a professional individual, it sickens me to know that tenants are putting up with trashy people like the management/owner team. Owner... because he/she has hired these filthy people and this is obviously a mirror of the owner(s). YUK! These people refuse to speak to you and give you a Good morning or Good day, yet I've read on here people saying the place came so far and the people are good and do good deeds. "Come Off It Mate" I'm convinced these so call good statements are all coming from the lousy management team themselves ...looking to build themselves up because they been so busy tearing their tenants down. I hope you people really examine yourselves and change your attitude. Also, reading these comments from these "Precious Staff Advocates" is repulsive, anyone can obviously see that Instead of apologizing for any unintentional wrongdoings or acts of disrespect while receiving constructive criticism instead you low minded people snap at those who has made comments on a rating site? Really?! Your priorities are OUT OF ORDER and you fail… See More>
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                        Resident 2011 - 2012


                        ALL I CAN SAY IS...HOME

                        My family loves this place...the Community is nice and the staff is great. The landlord even has incentives for the kids to get good grades...brand new pool, security cameras...I feel so safe and my kids love it here. This is the place to raise your kids

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                          Nice and Quiet

                          I have lived here now for over a year, and eally enjoy this Complex. Management is always on it and has been there above and beyond for myself and my family. Maintenance is professional and always courteous. It is very family oriented and very safe. Andy the manager is always doing something for the kids. Currently she pays the kids for GOOD grades! My son currently has made Honor Roll because of this! There are security cameras throughout the Complex which makes my family feel secure! My wife would like more flowers and I wish there was a grill we all could use in the common area. The Pool is huge and is HAVING A WHOLE NEW FACELIFT for the summer....BOTTOM LINE! WE ARE HAPPY!

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                            Resident 2010 - 2011


                            LOVE IT!

                            I have lived here for some time and i have to tell you I love it! The management is great and maintenance is alays available. The landlady Andee always helps in any way she can and Ihave seen her do some amazing things. The Community is safe and they are always on top of everything. I recommend this to everyone!!!!

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                              prospectiveVisited 2011


                              Bicycles? Really?

                              I was visiting the apartment complex and aside from the chipped paint on all the doors and the speeding golf cart with the crazy lady screaming at tenants, I thought this place was great, until I saw a kid on a bicycle. Who in the world lets kids ride bikes anymore? Don't rent here. They let kids ride bikes in the parking lot. It's so distracting.

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                                Resident 2011


                                I have been in worse places

                                Been in worse places. Not perfect

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                                  Resident 2007 - 2010


                                  AMAZING COMMUNITY!

                                  If you are looking for a Community that is safe and quiet and a nice place to raise your kids..this is it! The apartments are huge and sound proof! The management team goes beyond the call of duty for you! They even bought my family dinner our first night. I have seen the manager get jobs for some folks that unfortunatley lost theirs. THEY CARE! They even have Crimewatch set up and 24/7 security. They take cats and the best part...everyone helps each other without getting in your business. We have gatherings, cook outs, activities for our kids etc... Maintenance is awesome...fixes it in a jiffy. There is a large pool and BBQ area as well. I have lived in a lot of places but as long as I am in Florida this is my home!

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                                    Resident 2009 - 2010


                                    I wouldn't refer anybody to move here. The office staff is horrible to say the least. Will bother you and your guests. If you "choose" to live here be prepared to "walk on eggshells." The outside looks great. The insides of the ones i've seen are falling apart and when brought to the offices attention they do their best to make "a quick and cheap repair" i think the only good thing i could say about the Beltrees Plaza Apartments would be the outside looks great and the pool is kept up nicely

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                                      Resident 2008 - 2010



                                      Could be a decent place. Becareful of the maintenance men. Talk about sex too much in front of and with the tenants and have some things going on that are questionable. I guess sleazy is the word for the girls here. Some like it i guess, just not me. Moving soon.

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                                        prospectiveVisited 2009


                                        Great Complex

                                        This apartment complex is really shining....the outside appearence with all the new paint and the clean well groomed yards really makes this complex stand out. There is new management on grounds that works hard to keep everythig running smooth and clean. Little by litte improvements are being made and the overall complex is truly standing out. The complex has over night security that incoporates a community watch to maintain a peaceful and safe living residents. There is a nice pool with on site laundry center everything is nice and clean. The apartments are one by one being updated and upgraded. They are nice and clean and accessable to downtown Dunedin. The rent is reasonable and the community is great. all in all this is a great place to live.

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                                          Resident 2007 - 2009


                                          looking great

                                          this complex has really turned a round they have new managers and they are really improving the place. fixing problems in the apartments is easy just call the office and it gets done. crime!! what crime??? 24/7 security officer. i love it here, close to the water, and beautiful downtown dunedin..

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                                            Resident 2008



                                            good move in special . . great value for the rent. mold problems are in my apartment and i've put 2 requests in writing , and after 3 weeks nothing.

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                                              Resident 2003 - 2005


                                              Ok place to live

                                              We lived there for about three years...the first two years we had no problem, then we started having lot of rats in the house, it was horrible and not only that cockroaches were part of it...The management was very helpful in eliminating them...but during that process it was horrible...but other than that we've enjoyed living down there....

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                                                Resident 2004 - 2006


                                                Major Progress

                                                I have lived here for 2 years now. The apartments are now just being painted and they look great! There is a wonderful team of people who do keep watch of the complex all around the clock. Yes, they even do sit out in the parking lot to keep the complex safe and what a difference that has made. The neighbors are very very friendly. The management is so wonderful and SHE keeps very BUSY, so if she doesn't handle your needs at your convience, that's beacuse she is attending another units needs. She does the best she can to keep every tenant happy. The rent is very reasonable for a large 1,100 sq ft 2bd/2bath. You can't find anything cheaper in the area. There has been complaints of bugs, well if you keep your apartment clean as well as spray yourself sometimes, then you will not have bug problems. I recommend this place to people who want to feel at home without breaking the bank just to live.

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                                                  Resident 2005 - 2006


                                                  There is a lady that sits in the parking lot every night and does the crime watch.

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                                                    Beltrees Plaza Apartments is an apartment in Dunedin in zip code 34698. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 1.5 Baths, and is for rent for $1,310. Nearby cities include Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Cleaarwater, and Oldsmar.

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