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Carter's Motel & Mobile Vlg



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NurcDiver • Prospective Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/07/2008
I was hoping this dump had a review site after the way I was treated on my short stay. My 10 year old Son his 4lb puppy and myself were driving back from NC on his spring break. I had planned on driving all the way through to key largo florida but due to bad weather I decided to stop and get some sleep and continue on in the morning. It was approx 2am when I finally located this motel that is more then 5 miles off of the freeway. (I'm working on getting that sign removed from I95, it should not be there) We pulled in and was glad to see the "Pets Welcome" sign. Never traveling before with a pet I was unfamiliar with normal check in policies and was not asked about a pet nor was aware of a $10 deposit for it. Check in was ok, I had to ring a bell a few times to wake them up. Then I found out they do not take credit card or bank card. Check or cash only. The stay was fine, we got up the next morning to who appears to be the same women this other rewview was talking about. Kicking out the people that were in unit 1. Apparently they had broke the no smoking in room policy and got kicked out and charged $150 more for the "deep cleaning" service. When my son carried his puppy out to the car in her kennel the women stopped him and started grilling him about the puppy. this pissed me off. She then proceeded to start yelling and carrying on about how we sneaked the dog into the room which was totally false. I was unaware of anything she was yelling about. Yelling about how she now has to deep clean the room etc etc being very foul! I explained the the poodle is a hypo-alergenic dog and she does not have to worry about it and she laughed at me and yelled more. She really pissed me off and I have thought about calling my bank to put a stop check on that stay for the way she carried on in front of my son like this. Extremelly un called for and Extremelly poor buisness. If she was a man I would of knocked him out.
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Carter's Motel & Mobile Vlg

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