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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 08/01/2013
Dog USA! I've been here for 2 years now and a couple of months. First let me just tell you that if you love dogs, then this is the place to be! Want to come home and go into your indoor hallway to be greeted by the smell of mutts, then come on over to Bellagio! They have tried to subside the smell by installing these air fresheners in the hallway, but once the air fresheners go bad, back to the mutt smell again. But I will give them props for trying. It's just that almost everyone who lives here has a dog or cat. There is a constant noise. The soundproofing in these condos is horrible. Sometimes I wonder if there is really any insulation between the apartment walls. We live downstairs and can hear our upstairs neighbors' alarm every morning when it's time for her to go to work. Oh and how do we know its a her? Well, because we heard her having sex one night. And oh boy was it rated R! Yes pure full blown audio to us, we heard the bed screeching the moans and even the climax. Yes we heard it all. We know what time she wakes up and we know what time she comes home. If we wanted to, we could greet her on her arrival if we wanted. And believe me this is no exaggeration. The front doors in every apartment don't quite touch the ground all the way. So the crack below your door allows you to hear the neighbor who lives next door or across from you every time they come and go. The neighbors across from us decided to have a conversation right at their front door and it sounded as if they were right in our living room talking to us. Yes people, the struggle is real! Next....occasional visits from roaches. The problem was bad the beginning of this year, but has subsided drastically. Maybe the exterminator that they send every 2 weeks is doing something correctly. Maintenance on the landscaping by the side entrance doors is horrible. And the lighting is poor. On each side of this complex you will notice a dumpster and then a walkway. The walkway leads to a side entrance to the building. Management doesn't focus on these 2 sides as much as they focus on the main(center) entrance. The grass gets really high, the tenants leave their dogs poop right on the walkway, etc. The lighting on these sides of the buildings are also poor as well. The neighborhood is not bad at all, but crime happens everywhere. And coming home to see dog poop right in your walking path isn't very cool either. Also there are now some stray cats who live in the bushes next to the side entrance on the west side of the building and the smell is horrible! Don't get taken away by the nice kitchen and the feature wall that this place like to boasts about. When you are shown the apartment, the kitchen looks like it has drawers for your silverware. But it's doesn't. Not one drawer. Its all cosmetics. I know some may say that's not terrible, but it is. And you don't realize how terrible it is until you live here and have to function without them. Now I don't know if this is the case for all 42 units in this complex, but for a number of them this holds true. Next....when you walk in the laundry room. The stackable that is close to the door on your right hand side NEVER works! Don't waste your hard earned money in that stackable. All the other machines work though and it is nice to have them here on site. Recently, some jackasses who like to sit out on the steps at night and drink were leaving their boxes of Corona's in the laundry facility's garbage. And I don't know why they would do this, when there is a real garbage right by the pool. Who wants to come into the laundry facility, to smell beer and liquor! But they seem to be the only bad apples in this complex, so it's not a big deal. They are "working" residents and are free to drink when they want, I just wish they would care a little more about their community. The pool area has a restroom that is always clean. So it comes in handy when you have guests over. They will never have to go back to your apartment to potty or wash their hands. And the pool is almost ALWAYS clean and there are tons of loungers out by the pool. This place has awesome curb appeal, but this inside scoop is what you need to know about. We also have new management and they seem to really be on the ball with getting things done. Unfortunately, we won't be around to experience these changes because we will be ending our lease early due to job relocation. All in all, it's your regular apartment living. Try to get on the 2nd floor so that you don't have to hear ppl walking through their apartment daily. And in most apartments there will be noise issues from time to time. This complex is located in a safe location and very close to shopping, restaurants, and also 3 mins from the beach. Living close to the beach at this price is a deal for some ppl. Any questions or if anyone needs more info about this place from a tenants perspective, feel free to email me at "[email protected]"
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