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Resident · 2010 - 2017
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PLEASE CONSIDER LIVING LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE BEFORE EVEN LOOKING IN THE DIRECTION OF THIS COMPLEX. I have been living here for an odd 7 years or so and it is absolute trash. Every new neighbor we get moves out within a few months. Don't let the misleading pictures on their website fool you. The greenery is pretty, but everything else sucks. Parking is a damn NIGHTMARE. Cars are always being towed for no reason, you only get 1 residential parking space, and there are never enough guest parkings. The buildings are infested with roaches and various other bugs, the buildings are all old and every apartment is always in need of maintenance (which never comes when you need it). The laundry rooms are horrendous, I can always trust a family of roaches to find me there. I live in an 8 floor building with maybe 18 apartments on each floor and we only have one (1) set of eight washing machines (with at least two of them out of commission at all times). They keep raising rent every year for no reason, and they keep finding ways to squeeze money out of you. They just fixed the security gate system that they needed fixed for a while, and made everybody pay $35 for ONE clicker to open the gate, or else you can't get in. It's even MORE freaking impossible to have visitors now because of the new system which promises you can't even enter the complex unless you print out your own guest pass from their ------ website before visiting. The pools are always dirty. It's only on very rare occasions that you can find a nice manager here, some staff are pretty ridiculous as well. The neighbors are friendly, but when they start making noise, they won't stop until you're sandwiching your head between two pillows at 4 am trying to catch sleep. TL;DR: It's a falsely advertised waste of time and money. Live somewhere else.
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