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Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
I am a current resident. I give 3 stars because it's not overly great, and it's not overly horrible. One of the cheapest complexes in the area, but you get what you pay for. Constantly loud neighbors who blare their music at ridiculous times of the night, people letting in their guests that blare their music ridiculous times of the night (not sure what's worse). Then the parking issue has GOT to be resolved. This is the second time (since May 2017) that my car has flooded in the parking lot. First off, i have to park at a different building which is entirely unheard of. I've never in my life been required to do that at a complex. Then, when i complained the first time about my car flooding, there was nothing they could do and i was even told that it was the worst it has ever flooded in about 7 or so years. Thinking it was only a one time thing, i swallowed my anger and pushed through it. Here i am six months later and look, my car is flooded again. This place is a straight up liability when it comes to parking. Oh, and if you ever want guests, good luck for them finding parking. If you live in one of the back buildings in the middle part of the community, pretty much your guests will have to park up front in a garage and have to walk across the entire complex to visit you. Fairways: I really want to have faith in this place. but the parking issue is absolutely out of hand. if you care about your residents, you will do everything in your power to fix this!! Maybe with how much you raise the rent, you could use that to help the people who want to live comfortably!
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Fairways of Inverrary

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