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Falls at Marina Bay



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
because i cant tell u what i really think of u people that work here and what i really think of this place u call a place for people to live, i dont know where to begin. i have been waiting for this moment to write a letter like this since the day i moved in. first, i'd like to touch on this area first. to whoever wrote "but not forgotten" review, me personally, i think u, are an idiot! maybe u should move back there! dont write things u are uneducated about! next, i'd like to say, as far as these reviews are concerned, i wish i knew about this before i moved in.....because i would have never moved in......to everyone that reads these, just so u know, any decent review written, was in fact written by those also uneducated, very rude, unhelpful in every way possible people that work in the office. Also, just so u know, all of the other reviews that are not written by the "workers" are in fact TRUE!!!!! Everything that these angry and not so angry people wrote, is true!!!! i know because i lived here for 2 very long years! everything from the roaches to the parking!!! although the parking situation is the most sorest subject for me, i'll wait till the end for that! The only person that actually was just very nice and actually helped u when u called was eric.... this is to eric....i just want u to know that the people in the office are telling people that u were fired and saying other nonprofessional things....i hope u found a much more professional place to work at...and i think u should get an attorney....So, the first really bad incodent that happened was, of course, with the rent.....i put the check in the drop box, and of course, "they never got it"... a note ends up on my door saying i'm being evicted!!!!! (F.Y.I. this ones for u jennifer, in pembroke pines) because i had paid my rent i was not sure what was going on. Then, at 2 P.M. i get a phone call from this jennifer from the office saying that i have until 5 P.M. to have a money order for my rent plus a $150 late fee or i'd be evicted the next day.... i asked jennifer to please help me because i already paid my rent and i dont think it's my fault that u did not thoroughly check the drop box.... Well, after i said that, she then proceeded to ask me why i waited till the last minute to pay my rent, she asked me why i could not just go to a friend or someone in my family and ask them for money or help, then what really put me over the edge was when she told me that i was not managing my money properly!!!! till this day, i still cannot believe that this person said this to me....oh, this is for u too, jennifer in pembroke pines.....the only reason why still nothing has been done about what u said to me is because i have not had a chance to...yet....who do u think u are?......since when can u talk to someone like that at ur place of work?.....i would lose my job in a second if i EVER talked to ANYONE like how u talked to me...u should be ashamed of yourself....u should not judge people if u dont know their personal situation....i dont think u were hired for that.....also i am still trying to figure out how my finances are any of ur business....heres some advice u should really consider....dont judge someone till u have walked in their shoes..-----...!!!!...and to jack taplin, i must have called u a dozen times about issues on ur property...u must not care either...no wonder why the people u have working for u are so ignorant.....!PARKING....it seems that i had more of a problem with parking than other people, i got home from work at 1 A.M. so there was no parking.... forget about trying to talk to them in the office about the parking, they will argue till their noses get a mile long....u tell them there is CLEARLY not enough parking.... they say there is......back and forth and back and forth.....ARE U STUPID???? Why would someone waste their time on calling or going in there to say there is not a spot if there is?? obviously, that does not make sense. So just to clarify..U HAVE NO DAMN PARKING SPOTS U IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!dont argue with people anymore about this because u are wrong....i am ending this letter with this... i have and i will continue to do all that i can for ur place to go down!!!!!! i have called the better business bureau, i have contacted lawyers, i have gone above and beyond and i will continue because u people are wrong, rude, and a complete rip-off....i really think you people in the leasing office are dispiccable and u should be ashamed of urselves..all of u!!!!!!!!!!!! the most unhappy resident ever, jackie
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Falls at Marina Bay

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