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Greentree Apartments

5201 N Dixie Hwy

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/01/2013
DO NOT RENT HERE!!! They charge you all sorts of move-in fees. 1. Since we have rented our a/c has not worked for over 6 months. Until I threatened to get my own a/c contractor did they finally come out and find a hole in the unit. 2. Never received a key to the "workout facility" which is often closed for repairs. 3. They have paved the parking lot 2 times now and force you to park off site and it is your problem. 4. They pressure washed the building and water came in through the door all over my furniture. 5. They repaired the floor above me resulting in cracked ceilings and concrete pouring into my unit on my furniture. 6. My a/c unit leaks monthly and needs maintenance to blow it out. 7. My toilet plumbing broke and we were without a toilet for 3 days. I had my child knock on the manager's home door and she yelled at my child! We only had one toilet. 8. The neighbors had two kids that picked on my kids. Often then would bang a basketball on the neighboring wall and my pictures would fall off. They would steal my kids toys if they were playing outside and break them. The father came over and threatened physical violence. Management never did anything. Nor do the police. 9. Management rents to ex-cons and drug dealers. They sell all night long. They hang out by the pools smoking marijuana and again, maintenance and the police do nothing. 10. There are frequent break-ins and no on sees anything. Even if you are on the second floor. BEWARE!!! 11. The tiles in the bathroom and kitchen are cracked. The cabinets are warped. The bathtubs are repainted and eventually the paint comes off. 12. Monthly there are plumbing problems and maintenance shuts off the water for an entire day--no notices. So you can be in the shower and oops no more water! 13. The plumbing under the kitchen and bathroom cabinets keeps leaking. Took maintenance months to fix it. The bathroom sink was too small for the cabinet so they super-caulked it. The caulk would dry up and all the water would go under the cabinet. 14. Three rooms are on one circuit breaker. Don't dry your hair and watch tv. 15. The train won't bother you but the long football games and Publix loading doc will. They often yell, fight and operate VERY LOUD MACHINERY ALL NIGHT LONG. 16. There are residences that seem to have late, long parties, loud music and then fights in the middle of the night. Management does nothing. 17. When management "posts" notices on your door of any kind, the slip it into the door crack and it blows away in the wind. Or under the doorknocker and again, gets blown away. Good luck getting any notices. They will never call or email you. 18. Don't call/email corporate then management will start evicting you. 19. Don't come home after 9 pm, there is no parking. Also the parking spaces are too small and people will hit your car. The parking lot is too small for two cars to go by, so you have to pull over to let the other one go. 20. The laundry facilities are so far away and often do NOT work. The water used is dirty and your clothes become dingy looking. You need a laundry card from the front building and good luck if that is working too. It costs $1.45 for wash/dry. Many times the dryers don't dry and the washers take your money and don't start. 21. Most people do not pick up after their dogs and trash is left all over. 22. They have numerous pit bulls an and aggressive dogs. Don't trust management. 23. Water has been shut down for over 24 hours due to pipes breaking. Old buildings. 24. Gang members hang out here and check doors to see if they are open. They will walk right into your apartment. 25. You do NOT have monthly pest control. You have to call, call, call. Many roaches and ants. Big holes around piping in kitchen and bathrooms. 26. My dishwasher broke took maintenance 3 weeks to replace it. 27. Maintenance will fix something but leave a BIG MESS behind for you to clean it. Also will dry their dirty hands on your clean towels, leave caulking on your carpets. 28. Comcast frequently does not work. 29. After the first year management WILL increase your rent. 30. My mailbox broke and it took 30 days to get maintenance to fix it. They said it was up to the post office whereas the post office said it was management's problem to fix it. 31. Management changes hands every 3-6 months. 32. People drive on the grass up to the their units. Management does nothing. 33. Bad kids in the complex often break the exterior lighting. Management does nothing. 34. They will allow you to have pets then later demand a pet deposit. 35. There was not stopper for the bathtub. I had to buy one at the dollar store. 36. Occasionally there is a foul smell from the plumbing in the bathroom. 37. I've seen mysterious black mold in other units from the a/c ducts. 38. If you live next door to a smoker, the smoke will permeate through the walls.
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Greentree Apartments

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