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Mediterranean Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2005
i have lived at med village for 3 years and have had nothing but annoying nosy widowed neighbors that have nothing else to do with their sorry lives but complain about every little noise they hear. our complex allows up to 2 dogs per apt. yet if the dog barks and a neighbor complains because they don't like dogs, you are threatened to be evicted. they force you to pay to have trash service yet you are only allowed to put it out in a 2 hour window per day. If stray animals or the 20 cats that are not kept inside homes pick at your garbage, you are threatened again by management. there is no resident assigned parking so if someone decides to have 5 friends over, and you work late at night..you are told to park all the way across the complex and walk at 2am by yourself in the dark back to your apt. miami road is bordering the complex and is known to have a few police chasing criminals down the street a few times a year. my other neighbor below me was a crystal meth head and would have addicts knocking down her doors and pulling down her screens to break in. they would also come to my door and stay with me until she answered her door. management did nothing about the situation they were aware of.<br>the majority of the neighbors are not snobby, they are hard workers and never home. weekends by the pool are enjoyable and everyone is friendly. noise level at night is extremely low. complex is full of dogs large and small. the dead body another person commented on was right behind MY apt. and that was someone cutting through our complex to go to miami road to make a drug deal. unfortunately it went bad. but our gates are broken quite frequently and not fixed fast enough so we get unwanted guests especially with the new publix that went in next to us<br>overall i like where i live and i'm 5 minutes from the beach and have never been broken in to and i can have my 2 dogs and i'm satisfied.
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Mediterranean Village

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