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Modera Port Royale

3333 North Port Royale Drive

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/14/2018
I have never been so horrified by the careless and inhumane behavior of staff. If you want to feel SAFE within your community and be treated with actual care and compassion by management, then stay FAR AWAY from here. I hope sharing my story will prevent you from making a grave mistake by moving to Modera Port Royale. At the end of October, Modera had documented problems with a visitor who I knew and had ensured that he left the property. However, only a few days later, he returned and forced himself into my apartment, where he proceeded to threaten and beat me, steal or destroy many of my belongings, and then attempt suicide 3 times in front of me. This unstable person SHOULD have been stopped at the security gate, where one would assume his name would have been flagged. However, security doesn't check IDs of people arriving in Ubers, so he sailed right through. Remaining in this space is the main source of my diagnosed PTSD since the trauma, and is the most terrifying experience as this person has sent documented threats to come back and harm me. I still jump at every noise and sleep with my few vital belongings under my mattress. Before Thanksgiving, I asked Modera if I could break my lease 2 months early and leave immediately without penalty. I needed to move immediately because: 1. I was unsafe and needed this person to not know where I lived. I was especially unsafe with security that did not work. 2. My mental health was suffering having to live in that space still 3. I could no longer afford rent - my finances had been drained after this person stole much of it, and paying the costs and fees around the mess he left behind I asked them to let me leave without penalty because: 1. My financial situation 2. The medical documentation recommending I leave the space 3. Modera's connection to the gated security meant they were partially responsible for the incident (which could have potentially been stopped right there at the gate). The most they said they could offer me was the Curveball Request, which really only ended up being a few hundred dollars less than the 2 month's rent they were asking for. I immediately informed them this amount, even on a 3 month payment plan, was impossible. I simply have no means. And while they must keep this special request policy fair across all different situations when breaking a lease, I doubt anyone else was heavily traumatized right in their apartment. I asked for a compromise (one month's rent only) situation and their partial responsibility. If they could not help to find a compromise, I have no financial means of moving to a new home. Meaning I am forced to continue living in this awful space. Refusing to help find any sort of a compromise, Modera staff has continued to delay communication and drag this process out. This is HORRIFYING because I have now spent several weeks reminding them how UNSAFE I feel due to documented threats against me. To drag this process out knowing how unsafe I continue to feel.....it's absolutely horrifying. As if my cries are completely illegitimate. I've wondered if this is because both myself and the attacker are gay men. Would constant notes of feeling unsafe be so ignored if this were a woman afraid of a man? Modera emphasized that they do not take any responsibility for the issues with security at the gate because it is separate from the property and serves all the building communities. However, the lawyer I have been consulting with is saying otherwise. Modera's response scares me most because dismissing what happened means NOTHING has been done to change this issue with security. People in the back of an Uber can still drive through easily. What if this happens to someone else? People move here and pay a higher than average price in rent knowing they can feel extra safe and protected. But what good is this or how safe can you really advertise this community when security doesn't actually check all guests coming in?
Modera Port Royale Manager12/20/2018

Good afternoon, Thank you for taking the time to share your review of our community. We would like to apologize for your recent experience and are sorry to hear you were less than satisfied at our community. We have reached out to the home owners' association who manages the relationship with the gate company for the entire neighborhood of communities and expressed our concerns regarding allowing people through without the proper identification. We are happy we were able to speak with you over the past few days to discuss what occurred and agree on the proper resolution. Please feel free to reach out to me at 754.242.9600 if you wish to discuss further. Thank you, Sharon Fothergill Community Manager

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Modera Port Royale

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