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New River Yacht Club



Resident · 2019 - 2020
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Office Staff
Hello. Before I start, I want to stress to the manager and any leasing agent trying to make this better.... You won't. I've lived for a year and you've given up on me 3 months in, I am tired of being pushed around and watching others being pushed around. I am leaving an honest review here tonight so nobody else has to suffer like I did or anyone else. Let me start off by saying, I'm going to be blunt and brutally honest with you on these situations. I have lived at NYRC almost a year and STILL live there thanks to COVID-19. While living there I've had appliance failures, safety hazards and stuff I am genuinely shocked I haven't got an attorney for myself and those who got screwed my NYRC and leasing? find one. The plumbing is so shotty my dishwasher and dryer has broken down repeatedly and malfunctioned ending in me actually needing to call the manufacture myself. The sink is a joke, no hot water once so ever and my second week in... I had my toilet tank quite actually break, which they claim they exam apartments before releasing but they didn't exam mine. There was dirty clothes even stuck behind walls, there ARE NO EXCUSES. THIS. IS NOT LUXURY. It had flooded my unit so bad, it was up to my ankles and there IS still water damage to this day. It too someone an hour to finally get there, and once they finally finished "cleaning" up the mess, they promised to come back and help. That is when they promised to help and never did. I have spent thousand and thousands replacing this and repairing things because the team has excuses of why it can't be done. I've had my A/C unit go out too, keep in mind this in SOUTH FLORIDA... and I would go hours to one time, days without it. One the pandemic hit, their response was more money. Give more money because if you lose your job? They'll ask you to file for unemployment and Kim, we both know that won't save ANYBODY with the prices you charge for these "luxury" apartments. I believe I had someone attempt to break into my apartment and I had a busted lock, it only ever got fixed because I had finally said it was a legal issue but there was still no personal comment back. Everything is over the phone so nothing can be documented, but I'm tempted to even excise my rights and start to record the promises given so if I do leave, and they fight. Proof exists of these issues, it's clear they existed before I moved in the previous resident moved out for a reason. Lastly... this cannot be ignored or blame. shifted, New River Yacht Club ended up being raided for a resident that, that was caught with human trafficking. the reason is allegedly, I know it happened because I was stuck in the lobby with FBI and unmarked agents plowing in with quite literally everything. Do you understand, from a psychology student, what does to someones brain? being caught in the middle of the raid? You offered the residents and me an explanation and a reach out... It never can, my PTSD and stress got so bad from everything living there. I barely can sleep here anymore, I now rent a cheap hotel to stay at when I can't even sleep here. (P.S. I wasn't the only one who got caught in the middle and had that ---- happen to, other poor residents got screwed out of any reasoning or help afterwords for that and I feel bad for the staff who just got stuck in the middle of it too and had to come to work acting like nothing wrong ever goes on there.) These aren't just general oops issues, there are real human issues being ignored constantly and it seems to happen year, after year after year. TRG; I've attempted to reach out to them about this and they have no comment or than email. It's been a month since they've said they've reach out to me personally about all this. I don't even recommend Fort Lauderdale as somewhere to live. Find somewhere better to go, this place will overcharge and just traumatize you here.
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New River Yacht Club

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