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Port Royale

3101 Port Royale Dr N

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308



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Office Staff
Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2019
STAY AWAY!!!! Please stay FAR from this apartment complex. It has taken me 5 months to finally write this. My husband and I moved in as we needed an apartment for a year before we purchase a house. We were sold on the 'sales pitch' of a luxury apartment and the ameneties. Yes, the location is great, the pools and amenties are great! The staff is friendly and TRY and address your issue, BUT the follow through is HORRIBLE! Why? We moved into an older unit because it is right on the boat Marina (which is beautiful) but there were issues literally since the DAY we moved in. I made a list (12 things to be exact) and addresessed it the FIRST day we lived here. They attempted to correct the isses, but it took 3 weeks to FINALLY correct everything. It went from as a light fixture cover missing to our refrigarator going out. We're very understanding that they can't forsee appliances giving out but our microwave broke, refrigarator going out after 2 days of being here and THEN our a/c broke! Then we had to continue to follow up to get things fixed. They claim maintenance will come out and they never show up. It took 3 maintenance requests, visits to the office and days without a/c for them to finally correct these issues. They sell it as luxury, but there is nothing luxury about the apartments or the maintenance on the property. There are about a dozen people we have met that have experienced similar situations and worse (such as mold in their unit/front doors broken/cigarette smoke coming through their vents) and there is no urgency to correct it. * Note they say this is a NON SMOKING COMMUNITY but people smoke and have no consideration for other people or the rules! To top it off our cars were shot at with a pellet gun by a random person. We found out that this happened month prior and there are STILL NO CAMERAS on the property! We have made a police report and addressed it with the office, they say they will address it with corporate but more than likely there will STILL NOT BE CAMERA'S INSTALLED! What does it take to get REAL security for a 'luxury' apartment complex where you spend almost $2,000.00 a month to live?!? This was the last straw and why I decided to write this review. I've honestly NEVER written a bad review for any place but I feel that if I can save at least 1 person from making the mistake in moving here it's worth it. The pool and location is beyond amazing! Please do yourself a favor and to save yourself headaches, move elsewhere! Modera is more expensive but from what I am aware of MUCH better and you will get the luxury you pay for. We CAN'T WAIT for our lease to be up and buy a house! If it wasn't so expensive to get out we would have 5 month ago. I could only upload one picture since that is all this site will allow. This is my car from today with pellet holes in the hatch.
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Port Royale Manager11/14/2019

Dear Valued Resident, We would love the opportunity to speak with you in person in regards to your experience. Please contact the management office at your earliest convenience at 954-928-0505. Thank you, Port Royale Management Team

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Port Royale

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