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Serramar Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/12/2017
RATING SERRAMAR A ZERO IS STILL CONSIDERED TOO GOOD, THAT PLACE DESERVE RATINGS IN THE NAGATIVE! Had high hopes for this place in the beginning but in the turned out to be sour. Don't expect not even a dollar back from your security deposit. They find every reason to keep every penny and up to now I haven't receive the balance from my security deposit. They are unprofessional when it comes to closing out your account when you move out and you have to basically run them down to send you the information that they claimed they mailed. The apartments are veeerrryyyy old, especially the kitchen and bathroom and yet they wanna charge you for muck that was already there when you moved in. The floor model on their website is just what it is...."floor model" and what you get is another story. If you call maintenance too often for the same issue, they get an that's your freaking job. Their advertised gate access NEVER WORKED and their so called mandatory parking stickers at a small fee SERVES NO PURPOSE. Be prepared for LOUD AND TRASHY NEIGHBORS, and especially those who leave their pets unattended by the patio for the entire day to bark your ears off. I was so sick and tired of complaining. The saying is true "if it's cheap it ain't good and if its good, it ain't cheap." FINALLY, the new manager who started after Michelle left, isn't cut out for the job and it's only a matter of time that other tenants will leave because just looking at her you could see her shadiness. She gave me one explanation as to why they were unable to reimburse me for one issue but yet wanna charge me for another issue which contradicted her same shady excuse to begin with. I was so happy that I left just in time to avoid having to deal with her. Her bad business attitude began rubbing off on the other assistants it seems because I have yet to receive a reply from the last email I sent to Theresa...(TWICE). No courtesy anymore but when Michelle was around things were more professional. The pits they call apartments are going downhill no matter what stupid upgrade they are trying to do to them. It still remains an overpriced dump. No one will pay those new ridiculous high prices for half-done upgrades.
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Serramar Apartment Homes

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