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Ashlar Apartments

13001 Corbel Cir

Fort Myers, FL 33907



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
My wife and I lived at the ashlar for about 10 months. We broke our lease to come back north, after finding out that Florida was an over-priced, way over-rated mess. No work, low pay if you work, and the traffic!<br><br>Anyhow, the ashlar LOOKS good, but after you've moved in, the thrill is soon gone. If you are over 30, then stay away. The place is over-run with snotty college crowd types, who basically don't give a damn about anything but themselves., and the next loud party, and drinking outside your bedroom window.<br><br>It seems that everybody owns an ankle biter yappy dog, watch your step! Very few people pick up after the doggie droppings. Ants, everywhere. Millions of them. The "pond" smells like a sewar.<br><br>Appliances are junk, they fix them only after they blow up (which usually is weeks to get them in there to fix), and the washer ruined most of our clothing. Front office staff is a little above average, but they did accept a lot of our money to break the lease! I had no issues with the office, but I was not in there all the time.<br><br>Grounds are usually mowed and cropped well, but the buildings really are slapped together, the adjacent apartments seem to be right in your rooms, especially the bedrooms near the stairwells, both interior and exterior stair ways. You can hear anything and everything that happens in the stairs. just two sheets of 1/2 inch sheet rock, (each side of the wall) and no, NO insulation, or concrete in most interior walls. How do I know? I had one of the walls apart, that's how.<br><br>I wish we had not gone there, but we did, and live and learn. Stay away, or at least look over a LOT of choices befiore you move in here. There MUST be better places for the very high rent in general in the area.
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Ashlar Apartments

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