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Bellamay Grand



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
My issues with my apartment:<br>I have asked the office to spray for bugs in the kitchen area five times yet they have only come out twice, and spraying for flees is at my expense. I have also asked them to fix my closet door in the master bedroom and in the spare bathroom 3 times yet each still falls down and we have now fixed them ourselves. <br>I live in the same building as 2 of the young maintenance workers and have been woken up numerous mornings (3 & 4am) by them and their friends coming home drunk from the clubs and puking on the bushes/sidewalks. They are the maintenance men; they should clean up their mess...along with the beer bottles in the bushes. <br>The dumpsters are always full and consistently overflowing with trash to the point that residents can't help but throw their garbage on top of the heap that already exists. <br>The gates are always broken, front and back. If I'm paying to live in a gated community then have the gates fixed! <br>And last but definitely not least, the insulation between the floors is non-existent. I swear I have elephants living above me, and yes, I can hear the bed hitting the wall, the squeaking of the mattress and sometimes, I can even hear her "comments" at all hours of the day! The price you pay for having nieghbors above you.<br><br>I love my apartment, it's roomy and comfy but unfortunately I will NOT be renewing for the price that they are giving.<br><br>
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Bellamay Grand

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