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Office Staff
nkindinger1 • Resident 2001 - 2003 Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
I lived here from 2001-2003 in the 4 bedroom apartments above the office. My friends and I lived in one, and my future husband and his friends lived next door. I will never forget the times I had here--they were the best.The location was convenient, the price was right, and the pool was clean and fun. Some things to note though: <br><br>1. We lived above the office, and one of my roommate's worked in the office, so obviously they took care of our stuff quickly--don't know if that held true for the rest of the complex or not. Could be great but don't know for sure. :)<br><br>2. Don't live in the back of the complex. While in the front, we always felt safe, the back ones border on some not nice areas, and were broken into on several occasions. <br><br>3. Be aware of what's around you: the places behind, to the side, and across the street from Pinetree are pretty ------ and often have police there for murder cases, drugs, and once that I know of (because we talked to the cop) an escaped criminal. However, this stuff never blocked traffic into the complex, and my friends and I were never bothered or offered drugs or anything like that. <br><br>4. (This should be obvious), but don't walk around barefoot. Lots of needles seemed to be on the ground outside the very front of the complex running alongside the road. <br><br>I know this makes the place sound terrible, but its really not. We were never bothered by anyone skeezy, we felt safe, and it was generally quiet there. My friends and I enjoyed living there and would have continued if I hadn't graduated. (Plus the manager was cool with my husband practically living in my apartment since he also rented here, which was nice.)
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Colonial Oaks

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