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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
$469 a month may be cheaper than some of the nicer apartments in Gainesville but you are getting nothing but a box in return! The conditions of the apartments are disgusting to the point were the damage is not able to be cleaned. My kitchen floor is badly scratched, the baseboards all along the wall are peeling and dirty, the kitchen storage is rusty and dirty, the AC doesn't work very well and gives the apartment a moldy, funky smell, the bathroom appliances are stained and dirty, etc. And the list goes on. Since moving in I have had numerous problems that maintenance either didn't fix until days later or never fixed at all, and just told the manager he did do the repairs.The worst part is that as a petite female I feel VERY UNSAFE here. A crackhead lives two doors down from me and likes to stand in his doorway for hours at a time, staring at girls who walk by and trying to talk to them. In order to aviod him, I can no longer park in the parking garage. At any point in the day you will see random sketchy people hanging aroung the building. Any females, before signing a lease take a look at this place in the evening and see if you still want to live here!
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