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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
Pros:<br>- Close to campus<br>- Cheap<br>- Privacy<br>- Some (not all!) maintence workers are great.<br><br>Cons:<br>Building is in poor condition<br>Noise<br>Security<br>Infested with roaches<br><br>- Some of the maintence people were just lazy. <br>I filled out repair requests that were never answered. <br><br>When I first moved in (first day) I found several things wrong with the apartment and submitted repair quests on them. (this stuff should have been done after the previous tenant left.)<br><br>One of those was a drawer... the maintence guy came & took away the broken drawer ... but he never brought a replacement. <br>Another one of the requests was to have the faucet fixed; it was very difficult to turn off (at the time, I thought it was impossible to turn off). The maintence guy came, spent 10mins or so trying to turn it off, then instead of just replacing the $10 faucet head... his solution was "Just don't turn the water all the way on" so the faucet won't get stuck in the "open" position again.<br><br>- The building is falling apart.<br>The vent above the toilet in my apartment leaks randomly.<br>I stopped running the AC because the condensation outside was running up under the door and making the carpet inside wet (the weatherstripping under the door is shot).<br>The light in the shower hasn't worked since I moved in (one of the repair requests that never got answered).<br>The faucet is insanely difficult to turn off if you accidentally turn the water all the way on (and it's still not easy to turn off if you only partially turn the water on).<br>There's like 20 layers of paint on everything and the carpet should have been replaced about 10 years ago.<br>Not all the outlets work; when I moved in- just put the bed up against the outlet that wasn't working, so not a big deal I guess.<br>The water is randomly turned off.<br>The hot water was off for about a week!<br>This list could go on...<br><br>-NOISE<br>For about a month or so, I thought the building was quiet- turns out, the apartments next to me were just vacant. As soon as I got some neighbors, the noise was awful. I can hear their conversations, cell phones ring, etc! When he plays music (this really awful music), it makes my desk vibrate! The music was so bad, I filled out a complaint once but it didn't change anything. So I bought ear plugs and started looking for another place to rent.<br>PS. Earplugs... they're only OK. They certainly don't drown out the music or make it quiet though. I couldn't read/study/concentrate at home.<br><br>- Security<br>There was some random guy that came along and was trying every single door knob. He'd turn one, see it was locked, move to the next one. Thankfully I had mine locked! That's happened 2 or 3 times since I've lived here.<br><br>- Mail<br>If you rent here, just get a PO Box. The office was accidentally forwarding my mail to...who knows where. I was missing paychecks, etc because of this!<br><br>- Roaches<br>I walked in my apartment for the first time... before moving anything in, etc. And right there is the welcoming committee! I've put out soooo much roach bait, poison, etc. Nothing seems to make a significant dent in the roach population. I've tried the little plastic traps, the gel, sprays, etc. The building has people spray, but that doesn't kill them all either.<br>
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