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Stoneridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/20/2005
I can almost guarantee that the positive reviews found for this apartment are written by the staff.<br><br>In a nutshell, just going to summarize:<br>Security: Not safe.. Neighbors car was broken into. I even had security cameras on my front window and back sliding glass door because I sure didn't feel safe.<br><br>Noise: You can hear everything your neighbors do. Walls must be paper thin. Don't complain to management because unless you have 10 other people to verify your story, they'll say you're lying.<br><br>Dogs: Not allowed? That's a lie. I saw at least 9 different apartments with dogs within my building and the one next to me... so figure 9 dogs per 2 buildings.... roughly 30 buildings... so over 100 dogs. Had 1 nearly pee on me from the above balcony. What do they say... That I'm lying. <br><br>Mosquitos: Very bad... don't walk out at night unless you want about 200 mosquitos attacking you.<br><br>Security Deposit: Don't hang anything in your apartment. Had most of my security deposit taken out because of thumbtacks for hanging pictures.<br><br>Maintenance: If they ever make it to your apartment, they are decent. Took days to have them fix a water heater that was leaking into my hall carpet. They ripped up the carpet. Guess what.. I was charged for that damage as well.<br><br>Office Staff: Freaking morons! They don't care about anything except making money. Once you sign the lease, it's over.. they don't care about you. Just don't complain to them about anything, because you're wasting their time and yours.<br><br>Overall: Waste of money. Look elsewhere. Landscape is the only good thing.. when it doesn't rain. If it rains, it's like a swamp. Don't walk in the grass.<br><br>Bottom Line: STAY OUT AT ALL COST!
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Stoneridge Apartments

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