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The Boardwalk



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
I lived on the first floor facing the bus stop for 1 year. It was the worst living experience I had while I lived in Gainesville. First, move in issues. My roommate said that when she first arrived the apartment was filthy. I came a few hours later and it was clean but.... my toilet didn't work. I called maintenance and the came to look at it. The guy walked out with the dripping plunger (did I mention it was the toilet) and proceeded to pack up. I asked if the toilet bathroom was fixed and he said no because the problem was difficult. Was he planning to mention this to me before he left? I asked him when it would be fixed and he told me a couple of days. I reminded him that I needed to use my toilet, I couldn't hold it for that long. He reminded me that the apt had another bathroom. At this time my mother interjected (thank God she hadn't gone home yet) and gave him the stare and the speech. He promised to laert the office and someone was eventually sent out the next day to fix my toilet. That was just the first night.<br><br>Next, the roach problems. Pest control was available once a month. Not bad except I had special roaches. Bleach nor Raid would/could scare them away. They were so special that they ate my fake orange (you read right). <br><br>Another thing (item 3 if you are counting) was the management lied. Well I shouldn't say that because you may think they will lie to you. No they lied or should I say failed to disclose to me that my apartment floods during heavy rain. Later found out from another resident taht the same chick that gave me the tour told her not to chose that apartment because of heavy flooding but I digress. Anyway I found out about the flooding when I returned home one weekend and found wet carpet in the master bedroom, a dirty shoe print on my soaking wet bath mat, and dirty water residue in the kitchen. When I called the office the next they told me to make sure I dried the carpet because I would be responsible for damage. I politely told them where to go and how to get there. They provided me with a carpet drying machine but failed to fix the problem. <br><br>Last but defintely not least, my window had a crack in it. Now as a young woman living in the front of the complex I thought they would be sympathetic. HA! First I was told they would fix it. Then I was told it would take a long time to replace. Then I was told after complaining again about the cold air coming in my room that window replacement was very expensive. Are you kidding? So I did what any chick would do. I taped my windows, hung curtains, kept my blinds closed at all times, and got dressed in the shower, or in the dark room. <br><br>Aside from learning that my neighbor liked to pee early in the morning (walls were thin) and finding out they sealed the jacuzzi because prostitutes were using it, the stay was okay. What did I learn from this experience? Ask lots of questions and drive through the complex multiple times before signing the lease. Maybe then I would have noticed the rodents (not sure what they were but they were the size of cats), the fact the the guest parking was in the back of the complex and always in darkness, and that the tow truck drove through like clock work looking for the next victim. Yes I heard it was under new management and yes they put up new sidings on the building but do you really think that can change much?
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The Boardwalk

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