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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
First off, the quality of the apartment is decent. HOWEVER, let me tell you of the fiasco that occurred when my two friends and I failed to find a fourth roommate to share our apartment with. We had assumed, as the complex advertised, that this community was composed entirely of, and primarily for, students. Well, when we received notice of who our fourth roommate was, we assumed he was like any normal college student we had met. Unfortunately, the number they gave us couldn't be used to contact him before we moved in. Anxious to learn more about him, we run a search on the internet. It turns out that our mystery roommate is actually 29 years old, and the only source we could find was a newspaper article detailing how he, only a few months beforehand, had fallen asleep in his apartment with a lit cigarette and subsequently burnt it down. We receive a call a few weeks later from "Trevdog", who proceeded to tell us that he was "a doctor, he likes sex, and he likes to drink." Also he was a licensed gun owner, and kept up to three of said guns in his apartment with him. We talked to him, and got him to remove the guns. When we moved in, he was nowhere to be found (to our relief). However he did eventually come back, and it was then that we became besieged in our own home. He was VERY friendly, the epitomy of a drunken frat boy, and his speech betrayed his near constant drunkeness. We quickly learned he was a compulsive liar, and had no regard for personal space or common social etiquette. He would barge into our rooms without knocking, eat anything from the fridge, pass out on our couch nearly completely naked, constantly waking us up for the most mundane things, and generally just a huge pain in the ---. We were actually surprised to see him don scrubs one night and go to the hospital, as one of his friends had been in an accident.<br> Three weeks later, we discover Trevdog has been arrested and charged with fraud and practicing medicine without a license. He was not a doctor, he had dropped out of medical school, and now, according to his friends, he was in rehab for alcoholism. I am proud to announce that we successfully petitioned for his eviction from the apartment, and now have a new, less medicated roommate. The moral of the story: DON'T TAKE THE CHANCE WITH RANDOM ROOMMATES. Find a friend, get an apartment with them
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