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West 20



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2012
STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! The office staff is unprofessional! The management is not helpful at all. They are a bunch of liars and swindlers who are only after your money! The bookkeepers always made often made mistakes in saying I did not pay my rent when I did. There were so many problems with the apartment when I moved in, like the furniture, walls, paint, smells, bugs you name it! And even with all these problems and promises by the employees, nothing was done. There are noisy students everywhere and you can hear everything through the cheap walls. Everyone knows the gate code or tells a friend so there really is no need for a security gate since everyone comes in when they please and people tailgate to get in one car after another. The mail service is NOT supported by USPS but some garbage called "Postal Solutions" which takes even longer to get your mail delivered and they even had a problem trying to get me my mail for a whole year! The furniture was broken and stinky, there were stains and holes in the sofa, and the management promised to change them out but never did because they claimed they had no more furniture so we were forced to suffer with that trash. DO NOT BUY INTO THE CRAFTY COOKIES AND CANDIES AT THE FRONT OFFICE OR THE NICE PHOTOS OF STUDENTS IN THEIR BROCHURES. Or the shiny happy employees with their fake smiles. It's all a facade! Even the employees hate working there because their pay is low. PARENTS! Do yourself a favor and do not let your children stay here! Better to rent your own apartment or house somewhere else than live in a place with such unprofessionalism and lying. They are not there to help you (be it moving in, out, with other problems, etc) they just want your money no questions asked. RUN AWAY! DO NOT STAY HERE!
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West 20

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