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The Town Homes at Sea Pines



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Office Staff
mikedub85 • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2012
Worst appartments ever! If it ever rains you will have over knee high floods at enterrance way which means if you can't get your car out your swimming to work! The matience guy is a "slumlord" Ohh he will fix them but the job only lasts 2 days max then he comes back with an attitude like your a liar and wasting his time he's a joke he thinks he is the sheriff of this place! Ohh and in the middle of the summer 100 degrees in the house according to them AC is NOT" emergency matience ok but add in children under 10 one being a toddler no Not GOOD enough! Not to mention $400 dollar electric bills due to a broken AC that they still have not fixed to this day ! Now on to the potholes if you don't mind dodging atleast foot deep potholes everywhere atleast 13 on the main entrance road strait back and they won't fix the road either because of reasons unknown they are ruining my car and im geting upset!!!!! and I think people are realizing what a joke these people are !because there are so many empty appartments all of a sudden like everyone is geting smart.. Now the office too funny you got Two chicks running it who are always late for work and such never answer the phones make their own hrs he said she said with matience when you call and complain that he didn't fix stuff right Ohhh not to forget they will tow your car if one tire is on grass but they love to descriminate here harass only you ! You will see everycar going 20mph trough the street and your going 14mph and they r yelling at you trust me when I say Do Not come here worst expirence ever with an appartment and its really sad because they are really nice buildings and landscaped its just they are in the wrong peoples hands! Ohh yeah I almost forgot if they do all these negatives right and you think I want to contact the owners of this place let them know what's going on well according to the ladies at the office they can't give out that info they don't have owners I think if they tossed all the staff here now this place would become better ran. I mean why did it take the past year to get a pool when it says you have one and a clubhouse you don't we just got the pool up for one day but its closed now this is them to a T . We get a notice right before school gets let out end of may this year pool reopening ( which I think their hopes came and seen no pool and made them fix it) but end of may you know when the pool opened September 20th so all summer kids are waiting for a pool and summer is over that's how they do everything here -------- and blow everything off ! Ohhhh and I hope you like frogs cuz they will be in your app on your front door stair case millions of them ribbiting outside so you can't sleep have to unscrew light bulb at your front door to keep them away so I hope you don't get mugged in the dark if your reading this I swear on the holly bible to heaven almighty this is all 100% real do not come here worst mistake ever made !a
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The Town Homes at Sea Pines

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