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ARIUM Deerwood

9803 Creekfront Road

Jacksonville, FL 32256



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
First I want to say that the percentage rating on this site is biased because most of the people who post only do so because they have a complaint. People who are happy are less likely to bother saying so, so there are naturally going to be more negative reviews skewing the overall score. I moved in last year in April and have had no complaints so far. Yes the buildings are old and the wood is rotted and painted over on the outside, yes the appliances are 20 years old, yes there are about 20 migrant workers always around in their vans making noise, and yes there are going to be maintenence problems in a building that old, but guess what, you knew that when you moved in. Everyone does a walk through before they move in so you know the condition of the apartment beforehand. If you don't like old apartments then you shouldn't have moved in. Yes it's a little pricey but compared to the Southside area its right in the average. Yes the pools and jacuzzis are always closed but that's because of the renovations. If you want the neighborhood to improve then you have to put up with some inconveniences. <br><br>Maintenence has always responded if not the same day then the very next day to my work orders. The office staff has been very pleasant. The grounds look awesome. Parking is no problem. I haven't heard any noisy neighbors yet besides the one all nighter Christmas party right outside my window, but hey it's the holidays.<br><br>The only complaint I do have is the kids and teenagers who run around wild, but that isn't the apartment complex's fault, that is the fault of the parents who live there and don't control their kids. I've been lucky enough not to experience any vandalism but that happens at every complex everywhere. Get the police statistics for the area and you will see.<br><br>Most complexes that have a gate at the front, the gate is always broken so we're not really missing out. <br><br>Overall I have had a great experience here compared to other places I have lived in Jacksonville. No the buildings aren't perfect but I knew that before I moved in so I have no right to complain. Not to say that all of these other complaints aren't valid and maybe it's diffenent in the other villages but my side is very quiet and along with the great location I wouldn't trade it for anything.<br><br>If you want to live in a perfect place with no problems then buy a house, don't rent.
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ARIUM Deerwood

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